Sunday, September 11, 2005

Feed Me

The humans just don't feed us enough. Sure, three times a day is good, but the portions are too small, and they don't include the tasty items they cook on the grill.

They are so cruel. They cook on the grill, but won't let us out on the deck when they do. We sit and stare out the door, watching the food being cooked, then they eat it in front of us. So cruel.

The human man is eating in this picture. Even though they never give us any, we have to try to look as pathetic and hungry as possible in the hope that one day, they will drop something. If it happens, I'm right there. Positioned in such a way that I can strike before it hits the floor without a lot of movement involved.

It helps to look incredibly pathetic, except in this case, all it did was get my picture taken.

I'm hungry... feed me!

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