Thursday, November 24, 2005

Are you looking at me? Are you looking at ME?

Well, you should be, cuz I'm cute and fluffy, and now full of turkey.

Once a year ONLY once a year the humans give us human food. Oh, they gourge themselves on a whole bunch of goodies, while we're locked outside in the cold, and what do we get? Little bits of turkey in our food at dinner. Where's my mashed potatoes? Where's MY stuffing? Where's MY devilled eggs?

Ok, guess I shouldn't complain, at least they give us something, but of course, its not enough for me. I'm cute and fluffy and it takes good nutricious human food to maintain such fluffiness. I'm sure they aren't going to share those two pumpkin pies that just came out of the oven.

I just have to take a moment from talking about myself to ask why Loki insists on dragging the pee pads the humans put down for the old Nova guy, and sleep on them. Why? I guess its the same reason he pees on leaf piles and lays in them. That boy is a P...I...G!

Ok, I have to go sniff around the oven and convince Loki to stretch his mutant body up on the oven and get one of those pumpkin pies down so i can eat it. He may be a pig, but his stretching ability does come in handy when I need it.


IndyPindy said...


Cute and fluffy does not do you justice. You are gorgeous! So am I. It's a shame we've both been surgically mutilated by humans, because we would have GORGEOUS children!

Well, let me tell you - last Thursday my mom gave me a beef rib, since I had done so well on raw chicken for two weeks. Let's just say that beef does not agree with me! So we won't be doing that again! The worst part is that I had to be "fasted", which really just means that you can't eat for TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Then today I got four very small meals of chicken meat, while I got to watch the humans stuff their faces on turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (which I would LOVE), and pumpkin pies! I LOVE pumpkin!

But no, I was denied any of the good stuff, and I was forced to watch them eat. Cruel, cruel humans!

Woofwoof said...

Meeshka, tell the human woman to get her lazy butt down to Dogs-R-Us and get you a bunch of chew toys. Humans have this thing they call Black Friday, and on that day, you can chew twice what you normally chew, and it seems to be allowed.

Oreo said...

I hope you & your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be careful with that turkey! Mom just tolded me it's got a sleepin drug in it! She shoulda tolded me afore....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz