Monday, November 14, 2005

Devious Loki

The mutant pawed gimpy has devised an evil plot to get us to play with him. Both Sam and I are tired of playing with him all the time. He's like the energizer bunny, play, play, play all the time, non-stop, he never gives up.

I'm cute and fluffy and I can't be chasing him all the time, plus he grabs my delicate tail to make me slow down (as I am gazelle like in my running). Sam gets worn out, plus with all his "bionic hip" bravado, he's just not as fast now that he's 4.

So, the evil little puppy keeps us from our dinner! We'll be outside, and the human woman will come out and announce that our dinner is ready. Of course Sam and I rush in, but Loki dances about, skitters around the yard, play bowing and looking all cute, and refuses to come in.


No amount of calling by the human woman will get him inside, he just dances around, wiggles his butt and wants someone to play with him.

FINE, Sam and I both go out and try to explain to him that we're hungry, we want to eat, but we're not getting fed until EVERYONE is inside. He just laughs at us, dances away, play bows.

Sam will chase after him, trying to herd him back inside. I'll even go after him, but he darts behind the tree, or he'll hide under the new deck stairs and refuses to come in. This can go on for hours if we don't catch him and drag him back inside the house.

Sam got a great idea tonight though, fooled that devious Loki. Sam acted as though he wasn't looking, so Loki went to attack him. Sam raced around the yard with Loki chasing him, then raced straight into the house. He was totally fooled and rather upset that the game was over, but we got to eat.

Tonight I'm going to take his spot at the foot of the bed and not give it back. We'll see who laughs now!

Don't ever call me late for dinner!


IndyPindy said...


Howe dare little mutant pawed Loki keep you from your dinner! Sam's idea was a good one! Next time I saw you all just leave him outside while you go in and eat, I bet he'll want to follow you all in!
The dogpark was fun, it's too bad you couldn't come. Cody kept humping me and I had to keep yelling at him to stop. My gimpy foster cousin Amber was there too, she used her limp and her injury to get lots of attention and sympathy from the humans. Such suckers!

IndyPindy said...

I like the Meeshka gear, but my mom says she thinks it's wierd to have thong underwear with a dog on it. She does like the "Fear the Claw!" t-shirt though...she may send a link to that t-shirt to someone as a hint for something she would like for!...