Friday, November 25, 2005

Just another exciting day

Today was just another exciting day.

Was I taken to go shopping with the humans? No
Was I taken anywhere by the humans? No

What did I do for what seemed like forever? I napped in my crate with an insufficient Kong bone filled with liver whiz (not enough liver whiz) and a measly cookie, and the humans went "shopping".

Did they bring me back anything? No, not unless you count the full sized mirror they put up on the bedroom door, so now I can stand and gaze upon my beauty for as long as I want. I do admit that its nice to gave at myself when I want to. Perfectly fluffy, perfectly beautiful, but I'd rather go for a "ride" or get some new kind of treat.

They came back all tired and stressed out because apparently every human in the world went shopping today for some reason. You would think they would learn and not go out to these places. Its like all dogs in the world standing in line to mark one tree. There are more trees and other days to pee, why stand in line? Seems a waste of time to me, especially since they should have been home scratching my fluffy belly and feeding me salmon.

They tried to bribe us for missing lunch by feeding us more of that human turkey food. I don't think some morsels of turkey is enough apology, so I've made sure to claw the human woman's leg a lot and make her run up and down the stairs taking us outside, then waiting 5 minutes and howling to be let in, only to start over after 5 minutes inside. They'll never learn their place at this rate.


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