Sunday, November 27, 2005

Me and the Mutatoe

Although I should be flattered that Loki wants to be just like me (and who wouldn't), sometimes it gets to be a burden.

For instance, he poses. Although he's not fluffy by any stretch of the imagination, he's got that gimpy paw, and he's puppylike and bouncy. The human woman would always take more pictures of me, because I'm so cute and fluffy, and I would accomodate her with posing majestically (which doesn't take a lot of work for me, that's just how I am naturally). Now, all that mutant pawed gimpy has to do is look cute (and he does it almost as effortlessly as I look cute and fluffy), and she's not taking pics of me anymore, she's taking pics of him!

He also shamelessly puts himself into cute positions just to make her bring out the camera. Here I am, laying on the floor looking adorable, and she's sneaking off with the camera because Loki has contorted himself into some impossible cute position! The nerve of him for taking away my attention.

He's also very sneaky. He'll do whatever I tell him to do, like stretch up and get some leftover biscuits from the top of the stove thing, but then he won't share! That means I have to go tattle on him to the human woman and then nobody gets anything, but its better than him getting it all!

Even Sam has started tattling on the mutant gimpy. This morning Loki got a thing called a "glue pen" off the kitchen table and started eating it without sharing. Sam was so upset that he went to the human woman and stared at the doorway. Sam hasn't quite gotten the whole woo woo stomp of feet angrily sign down for "Loki has something tasty and won't share". Sam stares. He doesn't like to be a bother, so he'll just sit and stare at something until he gets it. Luckily the human woman noticed the stare (I was off napping at the time) and got the glue pen from evil non-sharing Loki.

To show how funny Sam is, yesterday he went venturing through the back room instead of coming into the house, and the human woman locked him back there. Of course there are all sorts of neat things to sniff and pee on back there, so I'm sure he was happy for a while... but then realized he had been forgotten. This is what happens when you don't assert yourself, stomp your feet and woo for what you want!

After about a half hour of nobody missing him (poor Sam), the human woman thought it odd that he wasn't laying behind her in his usual spot. Loki and I didn't say anything because frankly, no Sam means more treats for us, but the human woman noticed, and figured out where he must be and let him out. There he was... sitting and staring at the door, willing it to come open for him. I'm sure when it did, he believed that his staring made the door open (much like he thinks his "bionic hip" makes him stronger and faster).

Sigh. Dealing with two simple minded step-brothers can be so tiring for me!



Woofwoof said...

You are right Meeshka, very hard to be dignified when you are cute and fluffy at the same time.

IndyPindy said...

Oh, Meeshka - they will never be as clever and assertive as you are! You go girl!