Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tug O' Loki

Sam and I played our favorite game this morning: Tug O' Loki.

That little gimpy mutant paw puppy is quite fast, so first you have to catch him. I make Sam chase him around the yard and tire him out first. They'll chase and wrestle, and go on, but the moment Sam nabs and pins him, I'm right there for some fun.

There's really no need for me to work up a sweat chasing him around, I just wait until he's pinned, then join in on the fun.

The human woman always tells us not to make him "squeek", because sometimes we just get so carried away, we forget he's a husky and try to rip him to pieces (which he loves, don't let him fool you into believing he's not having fun), but we've learned that if we make him squeek, he gets very angry.

I've also discovered another game which is quite fun. Its called "sit at the top of the stairs and wait for Loki to try to jump over me so I can grab him and slam him to the floor". OOOH that's great fun! Very little exertion on my part. I just crouch at the top of the stairs and wait until Loki thinks he can dash up the stairs and jump over me. You should hear the thump when I slam him to the ground.

We're all very tired now from playing, so its time for our nap.


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