Friday, December 23, 2005

I don't have a problem, I can stop any time I want

The human woman thinks I have a problem. She thinks I'm addicted to eating used Kleenex and can't stop.

Sure, they're tasty, especially the used ones. Loki just snags a clean one right out of the box and rips it up for fun, but I actually eat them... but only the used ones. I like the used ones.

The human woman says that if I ever try to escape, she could call me back by simply blowing her nose. Haha, she's so funny... ok, maybe she's right, I can't resist.

The human woman has been sneezing a lot this morning, so there's been a lot of goodies that she's been hiding from me. I've climbed into her lap trying to get to them, she hides them from me in her robe pocket until she puts them in the safe can. She is cruel, she changed the easy to get into safe can for a much larger impossible to get into safe can.

What's wrong with a little fiber in my diet? I don't see a problem here and I should get as many as I want. Come on, she doesn't feed us chewy rawhides, or greenies, or other treats on a regular basis, so what's wrong with a kleenex here or there?

I see it as my way of recycling, doing my part for nature... but I don't have a problem.


IndyPindy said...

I too love used Kleenex, they are much tastier than the clean ones! I will wait until my parents are occupied and try to sneak into the bathroom to scout the trash can for used kleenex, but the humans have gotten wise to this, and now they always put their used kleenex in the impossible to open can in the kitchen.

cyber-sibes said...

The used ones are the best! i'm really clever at finding them in the car, unfortunately mom usually sees me and takes them right out of my mouth!!!

Woofwoof said...

If they want to put you on the 7-step recovery program, tell them to open the door and you can show them the patented Husky 10,000-step good bye move.