Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just Another Weekend

The human man and woman stayed home on friday, went out, came back, we played in the yard, the usual routine.

Saturday they went out, we played, we ate, we napped, the usual routine.

Sunday, the usual routine... sigh.

The old guy Nova hasn't needed his purse ensemble for a few days, he's walking much better. Not that I hope he ever needs it again, but the human woman has promised that she'll snap a picture for me.

Today I had an embarrassing thing happen. Apparently I'm so cute and fluffy that poop crusted on my delicate po-po. The human woman had to entice me into the bathroom (they can't fool me, that's where all the bad things happen, like baths, and medicines), and finally the human man carried me in there. I was a good girl though, allowed the human woman to clean me up back there. After all, I can't have my fans thinking that I'm unclean. Now I have clean po-po.

We had a thunderstorm the other night. Its very strange to have a thunderstorm this time of year, so I was especially diligent in clawing and biting on the human woman to wake her up and save her from the danger. Whenever there is thunder, I must wake the humans up first by staring at them, then by clawing and wooing, then by nosing them out of the covers, so that they go downstairs where it is safe and more quiet.

The human man went downstairs this time, slept on the couch with me. I was very angry at the human woman and the other pups for not helping me guide them to safety. I ignored the human woman for a good 15 minutes until she gave me a used kleenex to make up for her mistake.


Freda said...

Hey Shmoo,

After my poop walkies, Dad grabs my tail and wipes my butt. Oh, the humility!. But with a very light color of carpet, my humans don't want me streakin' all over the place. When I first adopted my humans, I use to streak the carpet in the old house. That was fun! A couple of streaks and the ol' grab the tail routine began. So now the after walk routine is a rub down with my towel, clean my feet and the tail thing. Most of it feels pretty good!

That's great you try to protect your family from that thunder guy. They should really appreciate that.
The thunder monster frightens me! I have to hide in the closet. Luckily thunder is rare here. Where I use to live, Denver, there were lots of monsters all summer long. Glad we moved here.



IndyPindy said...

Oh Meeshka and Freda,

I too had to have my delicate and fluffy bottom wiped clean on Saturday morning. I hate it because she uses these bath wipes that are cold and smell funny, but it's better than having my beautiful fur marred by number two!