Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Being Queen is tiring

The old guy Nova was awake all last night. Nobody (not even I) could figure out what he wanted, since he was just shouting gibberish. Apparently he just wanted the human woman awake and following him around, because that's all she did last night.

Human woman gets up, escorts him to the kitchen, she comes back and gets into bed (which disturbs me since I'm now taking up the entire head of the bed), Nova old guy stumbles back into the bedroom.

Human woman gets up, escorts him outside. They come back 15 minutes later, human woman gets into bed.


You get the picture.

At one point he got stuck between the wall and the bed, so the human man got up and tried to get him to back up, which old guy Nova complained and cursed about.

Then he started wailing the moment human man got into bed, which made the human woman get up and stumble down the hall with the old guy, and it wasn't a pretty night.

Around 4am, the human woman didn't hear him grumble, so I had to claw her to make him stop grumbling so we could sleep. Meanwhile, mutant paw suck up Loki slept through the whole thing at the foot of the bed, and Sam curled up tighter on his cushie pillow on the other side and cursed softly at each sleep interuption.

I heard the human woman tell the human man that they were going to boot him out in the yard a half hour before bedtime hoping to wear him out some. I hope bedtime comes soon, because even my crate napping and beauty nap after dinner wasn't enough to catch me up on sleep.


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IndyPindy said...

Awwwwwwww, poor Nova! He must be feeling pretty yucky to be so noisy during the night.

I think the human woman should just sleep in the yard in a tent with Nova. That way the you could sleep uninterrupted!