Friday, March 03, 2006

Humans are very unobservant

Today the human woman thought that she'd curl up in bed and take a nap in the middle of the day. That's fine with us, we were in nap mode anyway, and the bed is comfy, so we all piled on (more room when the human man isn't there anyway) and curled up or sprawled out for a nice nap. The old guy Nova doesn't get on the bed, so he just paced and paced as usual.

Suddenly there was a sound... then a smell. I have no idea how the human woman could have NOT heard that sound or smelled that smell because my delicate nose and keen hearing certainly heard and smelled it.

I pawed the human woman, who told me to lay down and sleep. I clawed the human woman and made the "you better get up and take care of that" noise, but she pushed me away (the gall). I double clawed the human woman, and even Loki got up from his spot and landed an elbow to the midsection. Apparently our efforts were finally understood, as the human woman got up and made the EUUUUUW noise.

Yes... Nova poo tsunami again. The poor guy was so distraught that he was stepping in it and tracking it all over.

The human woman got up muttering and gathered the cleaning tools. Sam and I stayed on the bed, but Loki bravely (or foolishly) jumped off the bed and tiptoed his way past the onslaught. When we couldn't stand it anymore, Sam and I made a tippytoe run for the back door and made it through unscathed, then begged to be let out. From the outside we could hear the sounds of cleaning and muttering.

It was funny that this happened. The human woman let a stranger into the house just this morning and the human stranger came in and eliminated all of our odors from the downstairs room where our crates use to be. It smells all clean and foul down there now... like we never rolled and dirtied there.

Serves her right to try to eliminate our smells and she ended up having to reclean the entire area that she cleaned just the other day. When will she ever learn that huskies rule and mark our territory with our smells... and Nova old guy will strike when you least expect it... or try taking a nap.

(I claim this couch in the name of fur and husky smell)


Woofwoof said...

Ewwww. There is a difference between husky-outside smell and husky-inside smell. More fur, but no poo...

Sinatra said...

Hello Meeshka,

My name is Sinatra because of my gorgeous baby blues and my love of singing. I am a big fan of yours and follow your column regularly for new ideas and fun tips. I felt I just had to share a story with you about what I did last weekend.

The humans went out early on Saturday morning and left us (me and my fur-brothers & sista - there are 6 of us altogether) trapped in the kitchen. When they returned several hours later, I heard the human guy herking in our porcelain water bowl upstairs. The human lady came and released us from our prison and led us downstairs, where she proceeded to herk in the porcelain water bowl down there!

As if this wasn't insulting enough, she then had the gall to herd us into the bedroom and crawl under the covers - AT 5:00 IN THE AFTERNOON. As if we were ready to go to bed after spending all day in jail!

She must have known I wasn't going to take this lying down because she put on a bunch of clothes and covered herself up under a big pile of blankets. Like that could save her from the wrath of Sinatra!

My siblings seemed content to allow the human to get away with this but I knew better. . .Let them get away with something once and it's much harder to break the habit later. I learned that from you, Meeshka.

I started by pouncing on the human lady's side with my darling little white paws. When this got no reaction, I broke out my trampoline moves. Beginning on the floor next to the bed, I jumped straight up in the air, landing on all the soft parts of the human, then I bounced off the bed and came around the side of the bed to repeat the process again and again. It's actually quite fun. You should try it sometime.

My human must have been laughing at her evil plan to put me to bed before the moon even came up because she was shaking like a leaf under all of those clothes and blankets. This only served to make me madder and more determined.

I jumped back on the bed and pecked at the back of her head with my sharp little fangs. No reaction. By now I was pretty sure she was ignoring me and hoping I would lie down. I pecked at her shoulder with my pearly whites. Still nothin'.

Suddenly, I was hit with a brilliant thought. I recalled what the human guy had done once that really seemed to get a reaction outta the human lady. Since I am incapable of pinching due the lack of thumbs, I did the next best thing. . .Rolling back my sweet black puppy lips to reveal a full set of awesome sharp teeth shimmering in the fading afternoon light, I struck once more.


The human lady almost did a better trampoline move than I ever have. I would have been jealous if I wasn't so triumphant in my victory of saving ALL of us from an early bedtime.

After shouting and rubbing her butt for a minute or two, she ushered us all back upstairs and made the human guy stay awake with us while she crawled back into her blanket cave.

I was quite proud of myself and I hope you are too.

A Big Fan,


Turbo the Sibe said...

Wow, Sinatra! You are a very wise one!