Thursday, March 09, 2006

Total Bed Domination

On Wednesday night we achieved total bed domination. It was glorious!

The old guy Nova did what we told him to, and that was to drive the human woman insane!

The moment the humans got into bed, he howled to go out. The human woman let him out. Back in, she got into bed, he started howling.

The human man got him some water, and took him out. The moment old guy Nova got inside, he started howling at the human woman. After about an hour of this, the human woman took her pillow, vacated the bed, and slept in the room we're not allowed in.

Just to make sure she stayed in there, old guy Nova stood at the door of the room we're not allowed in, and howled a bit more. He also likes to rub his nose on the door and make a high pitched squeeky sound that drives the human woman more insane.

With the human woman now gone, Loki, Sam and I were able to fully dominate that side of the bed, and boy did we stretch out and lounge.

Loki (the suck up mutant paw) did feel bad about driving the human woman off and went out to look for her. That just meant more room for Sam and I. He's such a pansy, that Loki. Here we have the whole bed and he's all crying and whining for the human woman. Why not? He gets the whole foot of the bed, where I have to push the human woman toward the middle to get my fair share of the bed.

That's fine, I had a wonderful sleep all sprawled out on MY bed.

We hope to make this a once a week thing for us, so Nova is practicing his high pitched shriek.


Woofwoof said...

I started feeling sympathy for the human woman but stopped myself just in time.

Wait a minute... Huskies are out for total bed and world domination, and if the woman gets in the way, well, that's too bad. She's just "collateral damage."

Turbo the Sibe said...

One small step for Sibes is one giant step for Huskykind!

IndyPindy said...

Good job Meeshka and company!

Hey, you have to come join the Husky Bloggers Ring on my blog!