Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Won An Award

Look at me (and all of my fluffiness) my blog won an award!

I wanted to thank all of my minions for helping me win this award:

The human woman, for transcribing my notes from paw print to blog print

My adoring legions of fans

The HULA organization for taking over the human world and giving it back to the huskies.

As the human woman types this out, I'm outside guarding my yard and chasing after the annoying mutatoe puppy and bionic hip girly husky. Its a beautiful, cool day, so I'm enjoying it while I can, making sure to dig up a bit of the precious grass just to show the humans who is boss, and lounging.

I'm sure there will be a big award dinner, where my humans are not allowed, and people will feed me steak and other goodies by hand, making sure to wipe off my delicate and fluffy mouth when I'm done. I'm clearing off a space on the overly crowded end table to put my trophy, or plaque. I can't wait until all of the photo offers and ad campaign offers start to come in. I've decided not to let this go to my head, but I do need to make enough money to support my kleenex hobby, and get a bigger house, more furniture to riccochet on, and my OWN BED!

Ok, I'd better practice my autograph now, I'm sure millions of people will be lining up wherever I go begging for it. Sigh, all this fame is very tiring, so perhaps a nap first.

(wheres the human woman's head when I want to nap?)


cyber-sibes said...

congratulations! continue the good work, we huskies need your voice to be heard!

IndyPindy said...

Congratulations Meeshka! I can say I knew you when!