Saturday, June 17, 2006

Spoil It For Everyone

I was laying under the table napping, and minding my own business, when apparently Loki, or Sam (I have no idea who started it) decided that someone was too close to an empty kong bone and the fur started flying.

Human woman started swinging a book, human man was screaming and pulling them apart, and luckily nobody got hurt, but it sure did sound pretty awful. While all that was going on, I just stayed out of the way, ain't no way I'm going to get into that mess.

The boys are banished to their crates for a while (thankfully I can nap peacefully now), and I heard the human man say "no more toys".

Um, excuse me? I didn't do anything. Remember me, cute fluffy one, sitting under the table looking very concerned and non approving of the whole argument? Why should I suffer because the gimpy boys have no couth and don't know how to share (in case you've forgotten: what's their is mine, and what's mine is mine).

Great! There go my kong treats in the morning and lunch. Guess we'll just get some old unexciting cookie to gnaw on for 3 seconds before our crate naps.

Way to spoil it morons!

(the now very grumpy)

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