Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Hot day

Mid Yawn
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Yet another very hot, boring day.

The human woman put some very tasty things in our kongs this morning, some kind of chicken jerky stuff that she got from Sasha. Well, we got it from Sasha, and we have every right to eat the entire bag (well, at least I do), but the human woman stole the box, and put the bag of goodies way up high on a shelf where we can't reach it. Selfish cow.

This goes right along with them taking me to Petsmart and not allowing me to pick out the things that I want to take home and eat. Why bother taking me if you aren't going to listen to my recommendations?

I'm sure she'll give us only little bits and pieces of this tasty new goody on special ocassions and hoarde the rest for herself. I wouldn't be surprised if she started snacking on them, she's incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking human food. I wouldn't be suprised to hear the human man comment on the chewiness of the chicken cassarole.

I've spent most of the day looking fluffy and lounging. I did "play" a little with the human woman. Sometimes I have to act cute and fluffy with her so that she will give me tasty things to eat and pet my fluffiness. I can't be all standoffish and pompous, or else she'll give her attention to the incredibly disgustingly cute gimpy foster brothers.

Sam's birthday was yesterday and he got nothing. They said they would celebrate tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure it'll just be the tasty ice cream treat, which they'll hold so we can't eat the little plastic cup. They just suck all of the fun out of being a husky.

Is it naptime yet?

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