Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blogathon Sponsor Question Answers

Since Opy asked, I thought I would clarify sponsor questions about the upcoming Blogathon to benefit charities.

Even though I'll be doing all of the work, Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue will get all of the money. Once the Blogathon is over, sponsors will get an e-mail saying how much they promised to pay, and instructions on how to pay Harnessed to Hope directly. Harnessed to Hope does have a paypal account, so if people want to use that, they can feel free to use it.

Although I would certainly like to get my delicate little paws on the money to help support HULA (Husky United Liberation Army) activities, I guess supporting the foster huskies so they can get a home of their own where they can use computers to communicate the cause of taking over the world will just have to do.

I also wanted to send a Woo to Opy, who just had surgery to remove a tumor. Get well soon Opy, and tell Charlie to share the space heater!

Limbering my delicate feet and claws in preparation for the Blogathon


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Cool Meeshka ! I will go and register right away.
We would also like to promote this monumental event on the main page of 'dogswithblogs' and in the 'bone zone' boards. Do you just want us to link to your page for info ? Or would you like to provide us with something else - another link, or a graphic etc ? Assuming, that is, that you don't mind us promoting you :-)

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Meeshka,

I have taken charge of The Dogs With Blogs site and added a banner on the main page linking to a special page just for you!
I have put some info there already, but if you want to change or add anything let me know and I will get my stupid human on it right away!

Good Luck!

Your ol pal Chuck

Zeus said...

I read about your efforts on the Harnessed to Hope blog, and I think it is fantastic. I had never thought of such an idea for fundraising. This is really awesome of you, Meeshka!