Saturday, July 15, 2006

Come Out, Come Out

There's something down there, we know it, we smell it, we want to eat it.

For the past few days we've been trying to tell the human woman that something is trying to dig a nest in the side yard, but they didn't believe us, and didn't bother to go look until today. The human woman exclaimed "there's something digging a nest in the side yard". Duh, we told you that two days ago, but all you said was "STOP DIGGING NEAR THE GATE!" See if we tell you anything anymore.
The thing here smells moley, and moles are tasty. I just want to point out that we are digging in an approved dig area (or the human woman calls it the approved "dig dug" area... I swear, the stupid cute words she uses is really getting on my nerves).

Shortly after this pic was taken, I heard thunder, and that means one thing: claw. I immediately wanted to be let inside so I could start clawing the human woman. Its my duty. Even though she was outside with us, its much easier to claw her leg inside, where she doesn't have a lot of places to hide. Lucky for her the storm passed quickly, so now I'm going to nap. Between the heat, the digging for the mole in the heat, and the thunder scare and clawing, I'm really tired.

Oh, the human woman found a wound on the Loki mutant suck up. She's trying to blame me for it. Its right in the corner of one of his eyes, but I'm thinking it happened when he accidently ran into the crate door when I was chasing him. Or it could have been when he was jumping on me on the bed and I squished him. Or it could have been something that bit him outside for all we know, but noooo, it has to be my fault all the time.

I wish she'd get rid of these fragile dogs and get me some real huskies to play with.

(Hey, human man... you're taking up my bed space, MOVE!)


Zeus said...

That mole stands no chance with you after it! Hopefully, you can find it soon and take it out of its misery.

Cubby said...

It was probably the mole that hurt Loki. You better catch it before you get blamed for more stuff it does!