Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everyone Was Right

Feeling like a snack, I finally clawed the human woman and asked her where my mole went. You should have heard the lame excuses she gave me. "Its ALLLL GONE", "It went buh-bye", "No mole for you"... I wish she'd just talk normal like we do. Just say you threw it over the fence like everything else!

One time Sam got a mole and wouldn't give it up (now I know why), and the humans chased and chased him around the yard. They finally cornered him and reached into his mouth, except they weren't expecting a soft, warm, dead thing. The human man thought it was a bat and yelled and flung the mole, which riccocheted off the human woman's chest, and bounced right into my mouth. OOOH, what luck!

They had to chase me for it then, what fun. Of course, carting around all of this fluffiness gets tiring and it wasn't worth the work to get the snack. Unlike Sam, who can chew and swallow while he runs (except for adult squirrels, but he gave that a heck of a shot), I'm a dainty eater and like to take my time. They took it away from me. sigh.

I got an update on the cute little puppies the rescue just got in (pictures at the next round), and apparently Mama Willow is doing the horka horka for them because she's out of milk. I think humans need to show that caring for us. I'd like a well chewed steak and baked potato horked out for me please!

(gathering pictures for the next round)


Woofwoof said...

OOOH, pictures!

hershey the doglet said...

meeshka, i did it! i am on blogger now! i need to tell copper how to do it, so he can move too. mom said she had some extra time to spare so she switched it all. now all the awesome mac users can say hi to me. i need a mac.

Lex Houdini Dog said...

I once found a big black snake in our basement and brought it upstairs to play with. That sure got a reaction!