Saturday, July 29, 2006

Favorite Sleeping Position

Ok everyhusky, we all know that my favorite sleeping position is either sprawled over a vent, or on the human woman's head (and no, I haven't forgotten about the picture).

Here are some other examples of husky sleeping technique:

Holly demonstrates the total back sprawl:

Polar prefers the total tummy sprawl (better to get up really fast if startled)

Here Sam (not MY Sam, another one) demonstrates the safety of bath tub sleeping during storms:

I would put more examples up, but apparently blogger is having an aneurism. Sigh.

Don't worry everyhusky, if it doesn't clear up by next post, then I'll see if I can't post them from flickr so you can see everything... especially you know what :)

(the getting cranky at human things that don't work like fire alarms, photo uploads... the human woman)


Hollybollyboo said...

Thanks for posting our pictures Meeshka! Now maybe other huskies and learn to "air out" their tummies while sleeping, or better yet, take over their humans BATHTUB!

Holly and Sam

Charlie The Big Dog said...

We have noticed blogger has been a little unstable lately too.

I hope the power stays on for you!

We are just about to have a "Blog-A-Thon" barbeque here. I am sure my humans will drink that brown water that makes them go stupid


Have you broken $1000 yet?

Woofwoof said...

Meeshka is almost at $1000, just one little picture away :)

Sadie Mae said...

Momma likes to take pictures of me sleeping. I like to sleep on the bed but sometimes I get pushed off it, but then I curl up there again and make Daddy mad because he has to lay all funny. Sometimes I sleep on my head like I posted in my blog. I have some other funny pictures of me sleeping. I might post them.

Michelle said...

Hey, that's my dog!!

We call his sleeping position (on belly, hind legs fully extended backwards running parallel to his tail) "frog legs." Though honestly, what it REALLY looks like is... well, have you ever cut up a whole chicken from the butcher? And right after you've cut through the skin separating the drumsticks from the breast, when the drumsticks go all limp and sprawly?

THAT'S what frog legs looks like!