Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Final Blogathon Post

Well everyhusky (and everydog... and Zeus),

Its been quite a learning experience for me, this past 24 hours. I hope I've given some wisdom and some laughs to you.

I've learned that its a big doggie world out there, and together we can sniff butts and take over the world.

I've learned that even though the human woman is annoying, what with her double speak like "bed-bed", "treat-treat", "crate-crate", "pee-pee", "claw-claw" (ok I threw that last one in there), at least she doesn't dress me up in silly costumes, I get three meals a day and two nummy kong stuffed treats per day, and a bedtime snack, so I guess she's not that bad... unless you count the times I've yelled to come in and she ignores me. Ok, she also supports my kleenex habit, so fine, she's not too bad.

I've learned that the human man always sounds like he's mad, but he's not, and he'll feed us human food when the human woman isn't looking (oops, let that one slip).

I still get irritated at the gimpy mutant toe suck up Loki and bionic hip puppy Sam... but they're my step brothers, and they're fun to chew on, and its really fun to stand at the top of the stairs and snag Loki when he runs up and slam his body to the floor. Ok, so they're not that bad either I guess.

That labs are useful and nice, and they're welcome to help us when the huskies take over the world. Even Doglets can be useful to get things out of small places, and ... Zeus, we'll have to find you a secure place because you're just too tempting to most of us huskies.

After this post, I will be curling up in my crate with just enough energy to lick the peanut butter out of my kong and eat my cookie and then fall into a long sleep as the human man and woman stumble out to do something else nice.

Ok, it doesn't suck here at all, so everydog, give your loving human a nice sloppy kiss (don't forget to lick those special areas first!) and thank them for putting up with all of those other humans that just don't get what its like to take care and love one of us, and for putting up with us sometimes when we're cranky and demanding.

And with that, I say to Blogathon 2006, it was fun, hope you had fun too, and ......



Turbo the Sibe said...

Congrats, Meeshka! You made it. Thanks for everything.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Three Cheers for Meeshka ! (Or should I say three woo's) - Hip, Hip, Hoorray !!!It's been lots of fun - I feel honoured that you now deem us Labs worthy of your world domination plans !
Same time next year buddy ????
Lots of love,
PS - my human woman is pretty good too, as long as she is not trying to sing Barbra Striesand !

Dusty Doodles said...

Meeshka all da huskies everywhere are proud of you! You did it!!! You deserve a rest. Sleep well girl but next time you go into your crate demand a pillow!

Blue husky mutt said...



Charlie The Big Dog said...


You made it!

You can rest easy knowing you have done a really good thing and we are all very proud of you.

A full round of A-Paws from all the D.W.B's


Woofwoof said...

Congratulations Meeshka, for going over $1000, and thanks for the picture, and all the other laughs.

cyber-sibes said...

*Yawn*, what time is it? We just woke up.... since the computer is kept inside the little studio out back of the human house, and we sleep outdoors in our private kennel, we could not keep up to your blogathon after the humans went to bed. But we dreamed of you chasing (& catching) tasty little birds, as a reward for your superior fund-raising efforts. We applaud you, Meeshka, you did it!!! Woooo-woooo-wooooo!
Sweet dreams!

Michelle said...

Sleep well, Meeshka. You have truly earned your spot of honor atop your human's head today.

Zeus said...

CONGRATULATIONS MEESHKA! You did such an amazing job!

hershey the doglet said...

congrats meeshka! sleep well and sweet mole filled dreams!

IndyPindy said...

I'm ashamed that I am only catching up now. My humans went to bed, and my mom took some medicine that made her really silly because of a "mygraine" (selfishgrain).

So they just woke up at 12:30.

But hoooray Meeshka!