Saturday, July 29, 2006

Here's the Sammypoodle

Ok, I found the ridiculous picture of Sam after his hip replacement surgery.

hehehe, they left his little white sock fur on his leg, so he looks totally poodle.

After his fur grew back, the humans claimed that he grew a white heart on his butt to thank them for his new hip. I had a picture of the "heart" somewhere, don't know if I can find that though, but I can look.

If they thought he grew a butt-heart to thank him for his bionic hip, I'm sure I can convince them that I have the image of a steak in my fluff, which means feed me only steak.

Next thing you know, they'll claim there's a weeping madonna on one of us and they'll e-bay us. We'll wind up at that funky casino that buys all that stuff... at least we'll be able to eat that grilled cheese sandwich, and I hear the nun bun is still missing, so that might be tasty as well.

(look, its Budha on my tummy, rub it for luck!)


Woofwoof said...

Sammypoodle = 5 parts fur, one part Husky.

Bonz AKA Bonnie said...

Sammy Poodle...

Sounds like a load of Bull Dogs crossed with ShihTzus to me.

Then call'em Bull Shihtz.

Sibe's Mom said...

Hey, I feel Sam's pain.
Once, after being forced to put some stuff on that was supposed to kill those scurvy fleas, but in reality made me itch and turn five shades of red (not at all flattering, let me tell you), I had to have the backside shaved and some horrible tasting ointment slathered on by Mom. Who then proceeded to tell me I was NOT HELPING by trying to spread it on everything.
I'm almost embarassed to say that it took a year for my fabulous coat to return.
And we won't discuss how everyone had to rub the fur when it was about a quarter of an inch long.

Cubby said...