Sunday, July 30, 2006

How to be a Nuisance Part 2

Tara sent me this wonderful picture of herself enjoying a nice cold drink of water, and it reminded me that we haven't discussed more ways to be annoying, which she clearly demonstrates a good one:

Drool when you drink. Just don't daintily sip that water, suck it down, shove your whole face in there, then walk around a bit while it falls out of your mouth. Give those humans something shocking soaking through their socks.

Once the humans take off their wet socks, you can implement operation stomp on bare feet. The humans really love this one. If they're standing still, just walk up to them, and casually put one of your feet on theirs, and then grind those nails into their foot.

If its raining, make sure you get good and wet, then don't shake the moment you get in the door... wait for the human to lean down with a towel and get them full in the face!

The last one takes some timing, but it can be done once you know the human schedule, and that's: Leap onto them just as they fall asleep. HOOO a laugh a minute that one as they leap up, fold up, or scream shrill.

Speaking of timing, has anyone else noticed that blogger seems to be in a random time zone? They're like a half hour behind, and there's no way I'm redoing a half hour ago just because they can't set their clocks.

The human woman did mention that she's from Indyana (which I'm assuming is owned by Indy, my blog and personal friend), and that they never set their clocks back when the rest of the world did, so does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care... about time? Apparently not since everyone was either 1 hour late, on time but didn't mean to be on time, or an hour early.

They just now got with the century and decided to change the clocks... but some wiseacre told them to figure out which time zone they wanted to be in... which meant there was about 14 time zones in Indyana depending on what county you were in, which defeated the entire purpose of daylight savings. I suggested that the human woman's mother (also known as grandma human woman) demand that her house run on Mountain time, just to be different.

So I figure that maybe blogger is running on some obscure Indyana time where they only set their clocks back a half hour.

Um... so how does this fall into the whole nuisance thing... um... well... its a nuisance that nobody really knows what time it is apparently. Except huskies, because we go by the sun and our stomachs, which keep a lot better time than that human watch stuff.

(hey, its almost my regular wake up and breakfast time now... except I'm very sleepy instead of refreshed and ready to leap on the human woman)


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Its always dinner time somewhere in the world

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Meeshka,

Just so you know - those nuisance things aren't just confined to huskies - us Labs have pretty much perfected the art of the drinking drool and the foot stomp ! Mum has had many a bruised toe from a delicate labby stomp :-)

Not long to go now buddy 1


IndyPindy said...

Hmmm, I'll see what I can do about the silly "time zone" thing in Indyana!

Cubby said...

Boxers are great at the drool after you drink thing.