Saturday, July 29, 2006

How to Be A Nuisance

Ok everyhusky, off the bat I see that link I typed for the doggie Amber alert thing didn't work (guess when you're typing like mad hoping the power doesn't go, and your claws get stuck in this little tiny human keyboard, things just don't work right), so it should work now.

And now, an important lesson in being a husky:

Be a nuisance!

You may ask yourself, but Meeshka, how I can I be a nuisance?

Well, Loki is one every day, he's the master of being a pest. If its not yapping like a loon, or batting everyone with the mutant paw, then he's eating soap out of the bathtub, or stealing that nasty stopper thing out of the kitchen sink and licking it (ok, we all lick our butts... but that's just NASTY).

If you don't want to go to those lengths to be a nuisance, you can always:

Steal food off the counters. Sure the humans will eventually learn to put their goodies in what is called "the food safe" which doubles as a microwave or oven.

Lay in the middle of the hall (where nobody can get past) then when the human steps over you, remember that you have to go somewhere and get up really fast (this one is best done near the stairs).

Or... you can do what my friend Sasha does, and lay right in front of the toilet in the middle of the night.

Its important that when the humans try to step over you to use the porcelan water bowl, that you totally freak out. Adds more excitement as the humans, half asleep, try not to slip on that cold tile floor. You can also knock things over and yelp really loud and make them feel bad.

Just another helpful tip from your friend...

(I scream and limp for no reason... just for the attention)


Niki said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I like to position myself right across the hallway. When I make my noise, you should see the lady jump!

Dusty Doodles said...

I walk in front of the hoomans and then stop. They stop and yell at me to move, so I walk a couple more steps and stop again. Drives them nuts. Remotes for the talking box make them yell good too. And Whiskey Girl has discover that she can get the cover to the hooman's hot water tub outside and she is in process of ripping that up. Da dad was madder then a hornet at her cuz I guess those costs lots of moneys.

Angie said...

Hi Meeshka!

You're positively beautiful! My family is sponsoring you for $10. We wish we could do more, but the pets freeload, and the human's not rich yet.

Shadow, the sheltie-spaniel, would like me to add that a great way to be a nuisance is in the middle of the night, wait for the human to go to the porcelain water bowl. Immediately move to the pillow where the human sleeps. Look adorable, and feign sleep immediately. The human is a pushover, and will usually move around so you can have the good spot. Sucker.

Vito, the gray housecat of doom, thinks chasing invisible flies around the house is a great way to make the humans crazy, particularly if you can try to climb the wall and make the scraping noise. The human goes CRAZY when you do that!

Thanks for what you're doing Meeshka! We think you rock!

Tashi Kisa Brave and Bouncy said...

Here is how it's done.

When the man of the house decides that it's time for you to go outside and pee in the morning, he's going to get out of bed and say loudly, "Tashi! Outside!" You will continue to lie there by your A/C vent next to the bed, and after the man has said "outside" enough times to make it clear that he's not going to shut up and go away, you must engage in the Protest Howl for at least five minutes---long enough to get Mom good and awake too. Eventually the man will tire of the Howl and he'll step toward you, meaning to grab your collar. God knows you don't want that, so hop up to your feet real quick. This will make him turn and walk down the hall toward the stairs. You will follow him, but by taking a moment first to stretch theatrically, you will leave him enough buffer space so that by the time he's reached the bottom of the stairs, you're still up at the top. At this point, he will turn the corner downstairs, thinking you're following, but no. You will turn around and charge down the hall back to the bedroom where you were PERFECTLY HAPPY HAVING YOUR BEAUTY REST THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and you will leap gaily onto the bed next to Mom, in the warm place left by Dad, at which time you will perform two and one half rotations of the Siberian Swirl, and then floomp down with your tail under your nose to continue sleeping.

That Dad guy is such a sucker.

Sadie Mae said...

I like to steal Momma's floofy thing from the bathrrom and the soap. Then they can't give me a bath and I get to go to the Doggie Spa! I also steal things off the counter like towels and pot holders and I chew up teh tupperware. Auntie Jen doesn't like that at all. I think Momma will have to buy new tupperware. But then again, Momma and Daddy told me that the tupperware Auntie Jen bought is the cheap stuff and after a lotta uses it starts to bend and the lids don't fit. So maybe that's a good thing.

-Sadie Mae Dog