Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indoor Potty Area

An astute human with good taste reads my blog and found a wonderful indoor potty thing for dogs:

It is called "The Pet Loo" (oh, those humans in different countries have funny names for things), and its for us dogs that need their own indoor place to potty. Unfortunately I see bad things happening with this invention:

1.) The human woman is lazy enough, so I can just see where she won't even bother to get off her ample butt and let us out to play anymore.

2.) I'm sure that Sam and that mutant pawed suck up Loki will not respect my privacy and use it for themselves.

3.) Its not big enough.

I'm a type of girl that needs her space, privacy, and just the right smells to set the wheels in motion. I tend to take a long time finding just the perfect spot to do my business. Granted, there are not long weeds to tickle my delicate po-po with this indoor contraption, but I find that going in just one spot is very confining. I definitely have to sniff a lot, find the right spot, do a counter clock-wise pivot action to get my po-po on the exact spot I sniffed out, then let 'er go. I think with this loo thing that I would fall off its little raised platform and hurt myself. It also looks too much like a putting green.

In case you are wondering why some of my beautiful pictures aren't showing up, apparently flickr is down. No doubt the humans at that company forgot to vacuum out the dog hair from their servers or something. They assure me that nothing was lost, but you know how humans are with losing things. They have pockets and bags and yet can't find anything, so just in case, I have everything stashed on the human woman's powerbook and in back ups, so worst case scenario is that I'll force the human woman to repost everything from scratch so you can see my beauty again.


(are you gonna eat that?)


D. Animal said...

Vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrmmm Flickr server vrrm vvvvrrrrmmmm!!!! LOL! Vrm rrrmm vvvvrrrrmm!

Abby K9 said...

It does look too small. I think my girl would have trouble peeing on it as well - she tends to walk and pee at the same time.

Cubby said...

We need pictures! I sposored you! I can't wait!