Sunday, July 30, 2006

Its Gonna Get HOTTER?

The human woman took a nap in the chair, so I climbed in her lap and looked around the Internet. I just happened to find the weather site and it says ITS SUPPOSE TO GET HOTTER NEXT WEEK? Are you kidding me?

The humans can't blame us for killing the grass this time, that's for sure. Apparently in our county we're under water restrictions. That doesn't mean that WE go without water, but it does mean that the grass goes without water. After all that hoopla about grass, now they can't water it, and it sits and bakes in the sun. hehehe

I hope the human woman doesn't mind that I checked her e-mail and found a whole bunch of e-mails from very wealthy people in her "spam" box (it comes in a can, its not meat, who are they trying to fool). Apparently there are a lot of people who are dying overseas and leaving their money in banks. All this time, people are contacting the human woman and asking for her help and she's been ignoring them! They have zillions of dollars they want to just give her and she's not responding to these people. Well, if she doesn't want all that money, then I'll take it, because I sure could use a vacation in a nice cool place like Kayna is modelling:

All of that money they'll soon send me will get me a nice vacation villa on the mountains (that has snow), and maybe a nice summer getaway at some place that has snow.

So, I answered all of those e-mails and told them that I would be more than happy to arrange for the transfer of all that money to me... I mean the human woman. I can't wait. If she keeps sleeping, I'll just use her credit card to buy some neat stuff right away, since the money will be coming any day now, it shouldn't be a problem.

(rolling in dough soon, want some?)


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Wow - What a coincedence!
I got an email from a Prince in Azerbaijan last week saying he had $2.5 Million for me too!
As soon as I get my money, Im coming over there, and then we can go on a major shopping spree!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Meeshka,

We are still here supporting you buddy ! You are doing really well - over $1000 now, how cool !
Make sure you give your bank account details and contact details to those nice people who have decided that out of all the people in the world, your mum is the priveledged one to inherit the millions !!!! They are very generous !


Cubby said...

You caould send some of that cash to Legacy Boxer Rescue!