Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mail Call, Time To Answer Some Questions

I'll be going through comments throughout the night and answering questions.

First up, Cooper! Cooper seemed a bit miffed because I linked to Hershey's blog and not Coopers. Well Cooper, one thing you have to learn about huskies is that we need attention (when we want attention, leave us alone otherwise), but sucking up and putting links on YOUR site will get you some attention in return. You must adore us, or we will ignore you, or give you the claw.

Brant: That's a funny name for a dog, but who am I to judge. Thank you for admiring the work I do to take over the world. Taking over the world is very tiring, organizing everything, getting everyone to play nicely with each other. I don't know where I find the time in the day to do it all, but it is a worthwhile cause and needs to be done for the good of humans.

Hershey: the computer will die much quicker if you pee on it. That way your human can get a good computer that doesn't have all of those silly limitations to it and catches cold all the time. She can also switch her blog to and then everyone can post comments and tell you how much they adore you, instead of having only SOME people with those funky computers and those funky "required" accounts being able to comment.

Blue: YES I get asked that ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. Not only do they ask if I can see out of the blue eye (um, hello, humans have them too), but then they ask whether its normal to have one blue, one jade, or they ask if my beautiful redness is normal (um... look at human woman, that's natural red, believe it or not), why aren't you asking her if that's normal. I get the "are all huskies that fluffy", to which I have to tell them that no, only I am THIS fluffy, but all huskies do shed a LOT. That's another one... they actually ask if we shed alot!, we barely shed at all, really... we're so low maintenance and all, don't even bother buying a vacuum, you won't need it. Here's another doozy "is that a wolf". I just stare at them when they ask that, or I claw them. Unfortunately Hollywood is so cheap and lazy, they usually use huskies as wolves in their movies, therefore everyone thinks that we're wolves. I even saw one movie about a sled dog and they used a FREAKIN GERMAN SHEPHERD! Can you believe that! They apparently said that they tried to use a husky, but it wouldn't listen to them... hehehe... perfect.

(not blind, see very well thank you, red is normal, two different eye colors is normal, yes all huskies are fluffy (but not as fluffy as me), I'm not a wolf.)


hershey the doglet said...

hey meeshka! by the way my best friend's name is copper not cooper. but you are tired from your blogathon, i will forgive you, for your work is tiresome and honorable (those dogs do need computers, i will let you guys take over the world with your HULA, you would rule with justice and fluffiness). he is learning how to make friends in the world of blogging, give him time. maybe if our moms will figure out blogger and they will move over here, mom has been thinking about it since roxy, sammy, and andy are the only ones who can leave comments (i guess they have the bad computer too) why can all computers get along! peace to the computer worlds! but i do love the mac commercials with those 2 guys, i like when the old guy acts like the computer and freezes up! haha like mom's computer does sometimes!
keep up the good blogging!

Cubby said...

You are so funny!

Dogex99 said...
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Shmoo said...
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