Friday, July 21, 2006

Makes Me Ashamed He's a Husky

Here he is, in all his husky glory:
Its Towelly bin Loki.

I'm so glad the human man didn't get this lovely idea when I was on the bed, or else he would have felt the business end of a claw for his joke.

Oh, the humans had a good laugh at this one (and honestly, I chuckled too, if it wasn't for the fact that he's a husky, and that's just WRONG).

He just lay there and let them do that to him. Not once, not twice, but THREE different towel turban styles. Oh sure he growled, he growls at everything, and means nothing. He asked me once why nobody fears him... I laughed. Poor thing, no wonder he has a complex. He's just one of those cute, scrawny huskies that will forever be puppy-like and nobody will fear him.

For one thing, he isn't fluffy. Secondly, he's got that weird mutant paw. Third, he's tiny and scrawny and cute, which he refuses to use to get his way. He wants to use the "fear me" approach, which just doesn't work with a scrawny, unfluffy, puppy, mutant paw dog.

So, that's what he gets. A towel wrapped around his head and pictures taken. You certainly don't see me in a towel, although there was mention of a shirt during a storm... yeah, we'll see.

(no towels on me)

7 comments: said...

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Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Meeshka,

He does look like he's plotting some kind of destruction. He's probably thinking "go ahead human infidels, keep putting towels on me, but just know this, one day when you least expect it, you will find yourself in a "Puppy-War", and I will ruin your household economy with my mutant paw of mass destruction"



hershey the doglet said...

meeshka i like your blog, you're really funny! can i say your one of my friends at my blog? i'm going to read your blog lots cause it will make me happy after a long day in my kennel while mom and dad are at work!

IndyPindy said...

He is a disgrace! Obviously he's not a purebred Husky, he just can't be!!!

Hey, I added the "Click or Claw" banner to my blog!

Charlie said...

Go, Loki, go!

- C

Woofwoof said...

This calls for husky revenge. I'll increase my blog-a-thon amount by 25% if during the event you have a picture of you sitting on the woman's head while she is sleeping. That will show them who's the boss.

Cubby said...

You should teach him the CLAW!