Monday, July 17, 2006

MY Air Vent

If it wasn't so hot, I would have skittered at the human woman for getting too close to my air vent. Its HOT. Ok, I've only been outside like twice today, but each time its HOT! I can feel the heat just radiating from outside from here on my air vent.

I've been forced to use the kitchen air vent because my favorite bedroom air vent is closed off by the door. Why? I don't know! I've tried to claw for an explanation, but the human woman just moves her leg... and itches the mosquito bites. The mosquitos are horrible out there (remind your human to give you your heartworm pills every husky), and its HOT. I might as well live in a jungle with the heat and bugs and heat, did I mention that heat?

The idiot step brothers like it outside. Sam was out during the nastiest of the heat sunning his bionic hip and refusing to come inside. Loki lounges under the deck. They aren't as fluffy as me, so they can stand the heat a bit more. I heard they even played out there, but no way was I going out.

Just a few minutes ago we all went out. I refused to go, and the human woman said fine and went out without me. Hmmpft, so of course I had to go out to make sure she wasn't giving the step-brothers any of that steak the humans had for dinner. Once out there, I got mad at Loki because he had the gall to bump me, then try to dominate me. Yeah, I'll show you. I waited for him to latch onto Sam's scruff, then I jumped on him. He made me chase him a bit, then I felt weak and demanded to be let in so I could lay on the vent. Those step-brothers take so much out of me. Always gotta watch them, always have to make sure they aren't getting goodies that belong to me.

The human woman said that tomorrow will be a lot cooler. Instead of 107, it'll only feel like 104. I clawed her. She also mentioned storms, so I clawed her again... just to prepare her for tomorrow if we do get storms.

(I will never claw the person that invented air conditioning)


Ender said...

I have TONS of pictures of me on the air vents!

Zeus said...

Goodness, that was the weather report for where I lived (or at least it sounds like, but then again, everywhere is ridiculously hot these days...). You don't live in Houston, do you?

I hope you can find something cool to do. Maybe your human pet can set up a sprinkler for you in the front yard or spray you down with the hose. Isn't that what you doggies consider fun for the summer? :)

AbbyK9 said...

This weather is really something. It's been over 100 here a lot as well, so we've cut down on our outdoor training and have been doing other stuff instead, like going to the lake and playing in the water, or playing in the sprinklers back home.

Can't imagine what it's like with all that Husky fur, though. We only have German Shepherd fur and once the undercoat is gone for the summer, we do well.

Avery Simek said...

That is a funny story right there! Is your air vent that bad? That's not good. With that weather, I bet it was hot back then. You could try availing if repair services.