Saturday, July 29, 2006

My, Aren't We Demanding!

Yes, yes, me sitting on human woman's head, all in good time.

If I posted that now, you all would abandon me and go about your day as usual, while I slave away at this incredibly non-huskynomic computer chair, tapping away with my very sharp claws the rest of the night, so yes, it will get posted, but not at this 11:30am post.

To appease you for a moment (maybe), here is me using the human woman's feet as a pillow.

Yep, that's the human woman. She use to have these fuzzy slippers that resembled a small furry creature. We had to rip them to shreds when she wasn't looking, but they were awfully comfortable to lay my dainty fluffy head on while they were still in one piece.

She usually lives in those ghastly blue flannel sleepy pants things, even goes outside in them. She's very embarrassing sometimes. Especially when she literally screams out "GOOD POOPY" to the whole neighborhood. I don't particularly announce to the whole world after she's flushed the big white water bowl that they use to do their business, so I don't see why she needs to scream it out to the world after we've done our business.

(the horror)


labrynth said...

*ruffles the human woman's head*

Blue husky mutt said...

Ok here's a question for you, do stoopid humans always ask your human if you are blind in one eye???

I ask because being a husky mutt, I also have one blue/one brown eye [opposite of yours in location].

Constantly these stoopid human people are asking my mom what is up with my eye. She is like 'It is blue.' Then they are all like, 'Is he blind out of that eye?' and my human is all like 'nope, blue eyes work perfectly fine.'

She then tells them my name is Blue because of the eye even though I know she secretely calls me psycho as a loving pet name.

So how many stoopid questions does your human get about your eyes.

ps my human sponsered your blog, her name is kelly

Turbo the Sibe said...

Who is the husky on the floor in front of the couch?