Friday, July 14, 2006

Prey Drive (because they're lazy and don't like to walk)

I guess its time to talk a little bit about the ugly side of us cute, fluffy huskies, and that is:


Yes, its true, but the killing part is usually by accident. Cute fluffy things aren't too sturdy, and we do like to play very rough. Just watch a bunch of us huskies play on any given day and we're dragging each other around the yard by the scruff of the neck, or grabbing a leg and shaking it, or body slamming each other (usually accompanied by loud snarling and slathering), so its no wonder that a tiny little fluffy thing can't keep up with us. The humans call this "prey drive". We call it "fun".

Another issue we have with cute little fluffy things is that they run. Running, to us huskies, means: chase and fling. We could blame the humans for buying us those little animal shaped toys that squeek and chirp and hoot, but we can't really. The chase and fling is in our blood, we're born with it, its what we do. The human made little animal toys just let us do our thing without our humans getting sued.

Fluffy things come in all shapes and sizes, and end up in our area for all sorts of reasons.

These things just seem to fall from the sky like little play toy gifts. They are usually accompanied by screaming birds flying really low around us as we play with them, but the screaming birds usually don't want to land and talk things over... probably because they know we'll play with them next.

We try to convince other little toys to come and play with us, but they don't listen. Squirrels don't listen, cats normally don't listen, and birds only come visit us when they fall from the sky.

Sometimes we can actually live with cats in the house, but not without a lot of supervision. Our instincts just get the better of us sometimes and bad things happen. Usually it is the cat that gets the worst end of it, so if you have cats and one of us in the house, you'd better be very careful, no matter how long we've "lived together" harmoniously. It is worse if the cat gets outside with us. We can be fine with them in the house, where we know the humans have rules about such things, but once they get outside, its a different story.

We huskies take a bad rap for this behavior, humans call it "unacceptable" and "horrible", but then they turn around and say that its natural for cats to kill birds and mice and other little critters. Um, excuse me? What's with this double standard here? Everyone knows that dogs generally don't like cats (in our case, we just like to chase them, its nothing personal), the humans even show cartoons to their little humans with dogs chasing cats, so it shouldn't come as a huge shock that we do it. Humans should be saying "its natural that dogs chase cats", but they always seem shocked and disappointed in us when we do. Sigh.

So, once again, don't believe those cute cards you see in the stores where dogs are curled up comfy with cats, or birds, or other cute (tasty) little animals. That's not reality. What is reality is that huskies like to chase and play rough with little fluffy things, and little fluffy things break easy. If you can't handle that, then get a chia pet.


Woofwoof said...

I don't know where you get this "fun" idea. I like cats because they taste good, especially when they've been dead for a day.

Anonymous said...

But if you can get them to stop running, the cats can be excellent partners in crime. See a picture here: Indy (ATB) and Amadeus plotting to take over the world.

Zeus said...

There's nothing wrong with having a strong prey drive, and I respect your right to have it. I have my own as well, but it's mostly for lizards, cockroaches, june bugs, mosquito hawks, birds, and sometimes, squirrels.

I'd say let's go hunt sometime together, but something tells me it'd be like Mad Max's Thunderdome: Two shall enter, one shall leave.

Cubby said...

I almosty caught a squirrel yesterday. I had visions of greatness...