Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Proper Way to Dry a Husky

Some humans go out and buy those expensive dog blow dryers that will only blow cool air, which is very nice of them.

My humans use to let us dry naturally, but soon found that we not only take hours, sometimes days before we're totally dry. We end up leaving hunks of very wet fur laying around everywhere, feel compelled to roll on their bed, muck up their sheets, and generally leave a hair-gooey mess everywhere.

So, what do my humans do?

Yep, they break out the leaf blower.

The leaf blower is actually pretty nice. Lots of air, so you can pretend that you're driving in a car with your head out the window. Its nice cool air too, not hot stinky blow dryer air like the human woman does to her hair every morning (which doesn't help it any, so I never understand why she bothers at all).

The doggie blow dryer/leaf blower, by Dogko... every home needs one!

(wooohooo I'm flying)


labrynth said...

You look all nice and clean and shiny! =D

Kat said...

lol awwww

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Were Back!

That was a good sleep! Its 9.30Am here now, and we are ready to stay with you for the rest of the blog-a-thon!
Those noisy garden blowers are really good to chew on. And something else thats good to chew on, WASHING MACHINES!
When I was little, not only did I chew the cord off ours, but after the motor died in it, this smelly man with his pants falling down put a new one in, and I got the old one out of the bin and played with it for months. It was my favorite toy. I must go and see if its still in my toy box, I havent seen it for a while:-)

Niki said...

Maybe you can persuade your human woman to use the leaf blower on her hair from now on.