Saturday, July 29, 2006

Purse Raffle!

Ok everyhusky, here's the purse that Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue will be raffling off to the sponsor who pledges $25 or more!

Its a really cool bag (from what I hear), and they had an e-bay auction a while back and one sold for a gazillion dollars, but here is your chance to get one if you sponsor over $25 and win the raffle.

I'm a bit peeved that I'm sitting here at 12:30 (and by the way, blogger's clock is really off or something, I hit that button right when the powerbook says 00 or 30 and blogger puts some random time stamp on them... humans can't do anything right), where was I, oh yes, I HAVEN'T EATEN LUNCH YET!

My lunch is suppose to be in my bowl at 12pm sharp and here it is 12:30 and NO LUNCH! First some stranger comes in that we can't sniff and jump on, now a late lunch. Must I do everything myself around here!

It use to be that the humans kept our bag of food out in the open, so when they were late, we'd just rip open the bag and help ourselves. I thought that was a nice thing of us to do. They're busy, we're hungry, we help ourselves. No, they had to go out and buy these big bin things and lock our food in them. Now we can't be helpful and feed ourselves anymore. See, that's where the humans get you. They MAKE you dependent on them, try to make you think that you can't do anything by yourself, you need them to help you do things, like eat, and potty. Its all part of their evil plot to keep us from taking over the world. They develop things that require opposable thumbs so we can't open them, they design trash cans with lids that we can't get into, they make doorknobs almost impossible to open so we can't get out without their help.

We all have to make their lives impossible. That's why I demand to be let out, wait five minutes, then demand to be let back in (repeat at least 4 times an hour), I claw when its food time, I claw when its bed time, I claw when its time to wake up. Sure its tiring, but one of these days they'll get sick of it and start buying things that will allow me to care for myself without their intervention.

Oh, whew, that rant wore me out. Gotta claw the human woman to tell her she's late with lunch now. Be back in a half hour.

To answer your question Turbo, that would be the old guy-guy Nova laying on the floor in front of the couch in the slipper pillow picture. And sorry I got your name wrong Copper, Hershey set me straight on that.

(the starving)


Sadie Mae said...

Hey Meeshka. Momma puts my foods in a bucket, but sometimes she forgets to close it all the way so I put my head in there and have a snack. Daddy on the other hand, well, he always makes sure my foods is locked away so I can't get to it. At least the buggies won't get in it again. I've had mousys and buggies in my foods. And both times Momma throwed my foods away! But she always got me more foods. Hope you got your lunch.

-Sadie Mae Dog

Hollybollyboo said...

Hey Meeshka! I know how that late feeding thing goes. My humans think THEY need to eat first. We all just sit around and stare at them with that "I'm starving" look so they eat faster. If that doesn't work my Husky brother Samuel starts "yelling" at them. It seems to work cuz the human mom gets annoyed and finally gets up to feed us. This also works really well when he wants treats. The more he yells, the more likely she is to get up and give him treats. I think he has her trained really well!
She also has the purse you are raffling, how cool is that! Good luck on your blogathon. My human mom sponsored you twice, because she wants to see you get over $1000!
Hollybollyboo(Malamute rescue)and the crew.
Samuel (Husky)
Abby (Husky)
Kona (Samoyeed)
Monty (Samoyed)

Michelle said...

D'oh! Those of us who donated $24 are peeved to find that the Blogathon site doesn't appear to allow the amount of a pledge to be edited after it's made. I can see why you wouldn't want to let people revoke or decrease a pledge, but not to let someone increase? As an internet programmer who sadly does not own a pretty husky purse, if I had 20 minutes of access to Blogathon's webserver I'd fix this problem right fast---and with luck, be well on my way to being fashionably accessorized!

It's like having a big glorious bin of dog food right in front of you but you can't figure out how to use your snoot to pry it open: TOTALLY frustrating :D

Here's a question for content-generation purposes as the blogathon day grows longer and longer: what's the biggest/most expensive/most cherished thing belonging to her humans that Meeshka ever destroyed? There's GOTTA be a story there, or else Meeshka's not a "real" Sibe!

Copper said...

Hey Copper here ... it's OK about my name. Enjoying your blogathon and your fluffiness. Long haired dachshunds are not fluffy at all. We have other very special qualities though.