Thursday, July 27, 2006

Resting up for Blogathon

Yep, I'm doing some heavy duty conditioning for Saturday. Getting my beauty sleep in, making sure the idiot half brothers are napping too in case I need to rest a bit, they can take over for a post or two while I get some shut-eye.

Sam was so exhausted after our nap, that he just went into bed. I think he's watching television though. The human woman got a good snap of Loki trying to be fierce, and he actually looks like he's posessed, but we still laugh at him. Maybe you'll think he's scary, but don't let him fool you, he's a weenie. I'll post that picture sometime after the blogathon starts.

Still wanna thank everyone for their support so far, that's quite a lot of money! Don't want to give the impression that Harnessed to Hope is suckers for suffering, but they're getting in 6 four-week old puppies and their mother tomorrow. Apparently mom can't feed them anymore so the volunteers are going to bring them to a home and hand feed them, then find mom and puppies good homes to go to (with internet so they can join HULA). If I get some pictures of the little squeekables this weekend, I'll be sure to post. Who can resist a puppy!

Speaking of puppies, don't forget that I'll also be the featured puppy on The Daily Puppy, so go check out those cute photos.

(turning over so I don't matt on one side during my power naps)

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Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Meesh,

Opy and I are practicing our "Peanut-Gallery" commenting skills, we are going to try and comment as much as we can to help proceedings:-)