Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Story of ME!

I was born on 6 January 2001 with my brother and sisters. My mom's name is Aesir's Black Bean, and my dad's name is Aesir's Red Dawg.
Here's mom and us:

Aren't we cute!

I remember these humans kept coming out to look at us, and hold us, and tell us how cute and squeeky sausage-like we were (there ya go, that's a compliment, to be called a sausage).

A few gazillion years later (ok, like 9 weeks) the owner let us out of our really cool play area and we all got to run out and play in this really REALLY big fenced in place. Well, everyone ran out except for me, I knew what day it was, and it was about time. While my brothers and sisters ran out to sniff things, I saw those humans, and walked up to them. "Its about time you showed up" I told them and sat down.

Of course they had to pick up up and feel my fluffiness and sniff my puppy breath and ooh and aaah over me, since I was the best looking one in the litter. I was almost chosen as one of the new show dogs, but one of my idiot sisters got held back instead. So close to winning Westminster I was.

The humans walked around the pen and looked and picked up all of my sisters, which I thought was rude. Here I was, all ready to go, bags packed, take me with you. They had a fancy big SUV and smelled of money, so I knew they were my meal ticket to a cushy life, and here they were, looking at my siblings. HARUMPF!

I just kept following and following them. Sitting on their feet when they stopped, demanding attention. Finally they picked me up and that was that. I was going home to rule their house. Silly humans fell for the whole "I like you, take me home" trick.

It was a loooong drive to their house, but the human man held me on his lap and lavished me with praise for being good (of course I'll be good... until we get home).

I thought I was going to be an only dog, and that's fine with me, that means more goodies and love, but nooooo. We pulled up to the house and in a few moments they brought out this other husky. Um, excuse me? Is he leaving now so I can rule my palace?

I didn't realize it at the time, but old Nova guy-guy was pretty much blind, so when he bumped into me, it totally freaked me out, I screamed and tried to make a break for it. They took us both to the vet place, and checked us out, then we FINALLY got to go into the house. About time.

Nova guy-guy wasn't thrilled either with me. He's a husky, I'm a husky puppy, its my duty to pounce on you. Unfortunately because he couldn't see well, that totally freaked him out and so we had a few "tangles" the first days. Me because I wanted to play, and him because he didn't know what this tiny creature was doing pouncing on him out of the blue.

Someone suggested putting a bell on me, so from that day on (how embarrassing) I wore a stupid little collar with a stupid CAT BELL on it! Oh the horror. At least it gave the Nova old guy-guy and warning that I was about to pounce and you know what... he was pretty fun to play with after that, and he wasn't as cranky as I thought.

We even played a game where I would "chase" him down the hall, then he would turn and growl at me, and I would run away really quick and pretend to be afraid. He was so harmless, he couldn't hurt a flea, but it made him feel better, so I did it for him.

I miss the old Nova guy-guy and our silly game of chase.



Sadie Mae said...

Awwww...more baby pictures. I don't have any baby pictures because I was a year old when Momma gots me. Everyone looks so cute as babies. Maybe if I can find the pictures of when Daisy stayed with me because she was a baby. And I woulda looked like her I think.

cyber-sibes said...

Aw, we were very sad when the old Nova guy guy left for the RB, too. It was right about the time the old cat that Str grew up with was pts cause he was so sick, so we were already feeling sad. You sure were a cute little puppy (of course)! You & the old guy look very cute together.

IndyPindy said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, wook at da wittle Meeshka puppy!

(that was my mom...I would never talk that way! - Indy)