Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Story of Sam

This is Sam (aka: Sammy, Sammywinks, Sam-a-roony, Sam-Sam, Sammymeister, oh for the love of god enough).

Sam was born, then given to some guy. The guy didn't have enough time for him, so he dumped Sam off at his mother's house. The poor mother couldn't keep up with him, so she'd just open up the front door and let Sam run across a busy highway where he'd "do his business" and then run back. Its a wonder he wasn't squished.

The mother finally had enough and sent him packing to a rescue. The humans happened to be looking for a plaything for me and saw Sam posted on the rescue's site and asked him to come visit. He was chewable, and gimpy, and I approved of him, so he got to stay.

A few months later, Sam had to go in and get his bionic hip. Sam is a mess, you see. He was born with really horrible hips, and one of his front legs is shorter than the other. He kinda rolls when he walks, but we don't say anything to him about it (just laugh behind his back).

For WEEKS after the surgery, I wasn't allowed to torture him at all. He had to stay in his crate with his funny poodle cut back leg (I'll find some pictures of that), or he had to be on a leash in the house or yard because he was "healing". That's no fun at all for me. They get me a plaything and I can't play with it.

After he got better, he was flaunting his "bionic hip" to me all the time, saying how much faster he was and how he could jump higher (who cares). He's a funny husky. He's always worried about inconveniencing someone. He doesn't ask to go out, he'll stare at the door. Won't say a word, just stare, like he's trying to open the door with his mind. Then when someone finally opens the door, he gets all excited, like he actually opened it with his mind. Dork.

He's a good plaything though, especially after the mutant pawed suck up came to the house. Instead of the mutatoe bugging me, he bugs Sam, so I guess I'll keep him around for a while.

(got my food, time for a 25 minute power nap)


Blue husky mutt said...

So are Sam and Loki the mutatnt dogs your foster siblings or are they never leaving?

My human is always bringing in these darn mutts and I have to pretend to tolerate them. Some of them I play with but then I had this surgery in the spring for cancer or some stupid thing like that and now I don't really feel like playing with anyone.

So anyways there is this one mutt, Aladdin, a black lab mutt and he apparently is never LEAVING! My mom said that he is my brother now, something about a foster failure. Damn right she failed when she kept that needy youngin here. The good thing is that I sometimes sit on him to get him to move out of my spot and that is fun for me.

I love your stories about the gimps.


Lex Houdini Dog said...

I was the first dog in our house. I was okay with human bringing home Misha, but things got really nuts after that...Especially when that annoying Turbo arrived. I've heard that "Eight is Enough," but I think 1 or 2 is enough!

Copper said...

I would love to have a brother or sister dachshund come live with me. My Mom thinks she would like to adopt someone but all the ones she finds are really old or have issues like they hate kids or cats. We have cats in the family and will have grandkids someday and she doesn't want another old dog right now. (Been there, done that lately.) Meeshka, enjoy your brothers.

cyber-sibes said...
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cyber-sibes said...

Meeshka, you certainly have had to put up with alot, being the only ok husky in your house! When I first arrived, there were two cats, both much larager than I was, and all was well for 4 years. Then the human boy left and I was lonely, so mom got me a fluffy rotti-mix girl that I had a great deal of fun torturing for 3 years. Not being even a little bit husky, she was dumb as a rock, ang got herself run down on the highway. I'll admit I missed her, she was so easy to dupe. After a while, my humans found this rather handsome husky pup in need of a home. He's sort of a gimp, too - he's got "juvenile cataracts" and is almost blind. but Sherman does whatever I tell him to, so it's ok now.
PS - Do you mind if I write back long comments? It's so refreshing having another intelligent husky to talk to...

Cubby said...

Sam is cute, but not nearly as fluffy as you are. You are obviously better!