Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wanna Hear Something Funny?

The human woman just woke up from her nap (after I clawed her) and told me that when this is over, she can't even go to bed. She and the human man (who is still up) have to go to that pet cemetery that they're trying to save to mow and meet some people there.

I swear, between the rescue stuff, the pet cemetery stuff, its a wonder we all get fed and played with sometimes, but I'll be nice and send a woo-out to all of the helpful volunteers who are trying to save the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park in Elkridge, Merryland.

In case you didn't know, the humans never made any laws for pet cemeteries in Merryland, so the property owners can do whatever they want with with land and they don't have to move the puppies, kittens, and other animals that are buried there. I think that just stinks.

The humans have been working to get the cemetery cleaned up and looking nice and be more safe so that loving humans who actually cared for their pets can come visit. They're also trying to pass a law that will keep pet cemeteries sacred (as they should be).

I give you permission to go and read about it, as long as you come back to my blog to adore me and praise me, and pet my fluffiness. You can find out all sorts of stuff here: Save Rosa Bonheur and you can sign their petition, see the pictures of their progress, and join an e-mail list and bring a mower to help them mow and clean and stuff.

(a cemetery is a cemetery and should be sacred)

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Charlie The Big Dog said...

Why do humans always have to change stuff?
I think its time to step the "Husky World Domination" campaign up a notch!