Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Would Someone Go Get that Noisy Bird For Me

While you're up, could you go knock down that noisy bird that sits in the tree and screams at us. I swear, I had nothing to do with the untimely death of its little baby bird... it simply fell in my mouth is all and that was a long time ago. Eesh.

Ok everyhusky (and everydog, and Zeus), still doing some prep work for the amazing Blogathon. The human man is going through all of his pictures to find some interesting ones for me to post on Saturday.

I will also be answering a lot of the comments left here by you all, since I'm fluffy and busy, I haven't had a chance to respond to most of them, so if you have any questions (keep it nice), I'll get to those during the Blogathon as well.

Oh, just to make everyone feel even worse, apparently one of the foster dogs that got a foster home (but no computer access yet) came with the "dog flu", or "canine flu" or "sure blame the dogs for yet another virus flu".
Here's Tristin:
Tristin is very thin and dirty in this picture, and now he's all coughy and snotty. There's a bad mojo thing going around where he came from, and he brought it along with him, so now all of his foster brothers and sisters are also snotty and coughy. Sigh.

If it ain't one thing its another. So, I beg of you, anything you can donate would help with the snotty coughy dogs, and paying for the cute fluffy puppy vet care, and then there's Nikita the malamute who has some allergies, or something stuck in her nose, or something going on and she needs an MRI or something... all of these dogs need help, mainly so that they can be healthy and all of the attention turned back to ME!

I promise it'll be worth the dough, especially when we all get together and take over the world. We promise to be generous with the human goodies for all of their hard work.

(sniffing butts will be the required greeting in Meeshka-land)


Cubby said...

I have a question - Where do you live that is so hot? And can you do something to cool it down outside?

Woofwoof said...

Alright every husky, listen up. Meeshka is up to $546 in sponsorship. Let's beg, borrow, copy credit card numbers, do whatever you have to do to put her over %1000. We can do it, and Meeshka deserves every penny.

Some "endangered bird" organization is getting more money than her. I don't know why they need so much money since there are so few of them left.

Zeus said...

So the blogathon is this Saturday? I'll have to stop by and keep track of your progress. After reading Woof-Woof's response, though, and knowing your capacity for killing cute, adorable fluffy things, I think I may also talk to my human pet about sponsoring you.

I have no real urgency to die just yet...