Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Typical Day

Here we see Loki in the "please don't kill me" position. This was shortly after he attempted to grab my tail and drag me backwards. He knows not to do this, but does it anyway. I have let him live (so far), but he needs to learn very quickly.

The human woman (once again) pronounced me "matted" last night, and vowed to do something about it. She did rub me with the rubbery "brush" thing this afternoon, which is the only thing I'll tolerate, mainly because its pretty much worthless against the thickness, and fluffiness of my fur. She didn't get my belly though, I wasn't in the mood.

The box carrying person came to the door again tonight, and of course... we didn't get anything out of the boxes. They're hidden in the big food safe, which apparently the humans don't know is actually called an OVEN. Like we don't know that. We use to get pizza crust when the old guy-guy Nova was around. We got a LOT of stuff when he was around. You would think with the gimpy mutant toed freak Loki, and Mr. Bionic Hip I'm too scared to go up the deck stairs Sam, that we would get way more goodies than we actually do. Makes me want to break out in a skin rash or nice hot spot to get some hot dog chunks or something.

I'm actually totally disgusted with humans lately. The human woman started yet another blog (yes, she's actually a member of the blogger's anonymous blog too, not that it helps her any), and she's been posting all of these special needs dogs that need homes, or expensive medical care and stuff. One of the dogs she posted was a 16 year old husky named Brandi. Apparently Brandi and her friend spent all of their lives tied out in a yard somewhere, barely getting fed, no attention, no nothing. Animal Control was called about a foul odor, and yep, you guessed it... Brandi's friend had passed away without their humans knowing or caring, and there was poor Brandi curled up beside her friend, starving to death herself.

Luckily there are good humans on the earth (we'll take care of the not-so-good humans when we take over the world), who found room for poor Brandi to live out her years with love and good food. Go check out Brandi's Story (I left out most of the insanity) and if you feel so compelled, help out the humans that are helping her, even if its a few bucks. They deserve it. There's a link to their site and a place to send a donation too.

(when I rule the world, all people will be treated just like they treated us)


Dusty Doodles said...

try giving yourself a lik granola. That meanie Shonee did it and now she gets all the good foods and cookies. Doodles hates her.

Charlie said...

I can't wait till you rule the world, Meeshka!
- Charlie

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Me and Charlie will be right there waiting for your instructions Meeshka when you rule the world - we wanna get some action in on all those horrible humans !


Charlie The Big Dog said...

YEH - thats right Opy - theres on human dad I know that needs some SPECIAL attention!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Thats ONE human dad, ONE. Not "On Human Dad", but "One Human Dad"
Time for the big dog to have a lay down:-) Too much dog blogging:-)

Zeus said...

After the week I have had, Meeshka, I would tell you to stay away from your human pet if she's contemplating doing something to your fur and throwing the word "matted" around. I say run for the hills personally.

I definitely will check out Brandi's story. Thanks for letting us know!

cyber-sibes said...

*sniff sniff* so happy that Brandi got a good home. what a sweet face!
Humans sure make a big deal out of a few hair matts, don't they? Watch out for the sissors, though. That means they're gonna get real serious then.