Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Human Man Yelled At Me

If you're going to leave tasty kleenex on your desk, then eat it, just don't leave it there and taunt me. Its also my right to take the tasty kleenex that you don't eat, so I have no idea why the human man yelled at me. So I bumped into a few of his computer gadgets while liberating the tasty kleenex, but he shouldn't be putting that on the table near the tasty kleenex!


Its WAY cooler today than it has been in a long time. I actually ventured out into the yard to sniff around, but all of the tasty grass is very dry and untasty now. Since I was out in the yard, the human woman felt compelled to "chase" me around the yard, which meant that the gimpy mutant pawed geek Loki thought it was ok to chase me too. I set him straight.

Even though it is cooler, we came inside and riccocheted on the bed a few times, of course I won queen of the bed, but who is counting. The humans grilled on the deck WITHOUT US, because the grill is hot and we may hurt ourselves. This coming from the human woman that leaned on a hot stove the other day. Nice!

She's been bragging about something called "a washer and dryer". As far as I know, they already have those, but apparently these are "new" and will be delivered Thursday. Any guesses on the chance we'll have to sniff the delivery men? Yeah, I thought so. She goes and buys herself all those cool new toys and yet not one squeeky toy in the house. Oh sure, we fight over them, but that's part of the fun, except for that trip to the vet to have an ear put back on.

Humans have no sense of humor.

(she plucked my fluff outside too)


hershey the doglet said...

meeshka, tissues are cool (especially ones with yummy stuff in them) but LOVE dryer sheets! right out of the dryer they are yummy!

Sam I Am said...

Shmoo ~
Humans have no sense of humor.No they don't ,We are very sorry a Human Man Yelled At you ,Shame ..shame on him,Nice reads thank you for stopping by and sharing ,

Lot's of Licks.

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, I am very good at destroying toys ... and kleenex. Can I be an honorary huskie? It is not cooler in Georgia yet, but my Mom DID finally take me for a walk tonight. It is about time.

Dusty Doodles said...

Your hooman STOLE your fur??? The nerve!!! Go to that hooman man and steal ALL his kleenex!!!

Woofwoof said...

Sit on his head tonight and auction the picture at next year's Blogathon.

I am still waiting for the Blogathon email. Might have to eat more chicken if the situation doesn't improve soon.

Pippin the flyball dog said...

Hi Meeshka

I can't believe you got in trouble for kleenax--I thought that people leave them there for us on purpose so that we have something to look forward to when they're gone. And you got your fluff plucked AND grilling without you. You are right, best to ignore your people as much as possible. Glad you at least got to play richochet off the bed