Monday, August 14, 2006

The Human Woman is in a Mood

Apparently the human woman had a rough day. She's been ranting about stupid software that doesn't work right to pay her bills, then paying off something before the pay off date and getting charge interest anyway, then having a conference call but nobody gave her the number, some stupid co-workers that drank all the coffee stuff, and were too lazy to go downstairs to get another box of it, someone touched something on her desk, insurance problems, and generally I stopped listening around that time and napped.

Today's noon-time political waver was Mr. "no fuzzy animal nickname" Wang again. He had a flunky with a smaller banner and smaller american flag with him, but not dressed up as anything. Down the road was another one, the human woman didn't catch his name, but he looked a little peeved about being down the road, and not at the very busy Intersection of Doom, where he could at least talk to the crash victims as they were wheeled into the ambulance.

I forgot to mention one of the weird things about me. When I put my front paws on the kitchen counter to make sure the human woman is making my food right (and not skimping on the canned food), I sometimes fart. The human woman laughs at me and calls me Mrs. Kissell, the flatulent maid in the movie "10", brilliantly played by Nedra Volz (who passed away in 2003). I looked her up after she called me that, and just as I suspected, it wasn't meant as flattering.

Ok, so some questions I've been asked recently:

What does "woo" mean? Well, that depends. Did you mean "woo", or "woo". Please be a little more specific with the tone because it means different things.

What does "Shmoo" mean. I'm glad you asked. Its yet another one of those "cute" names the human woman has for me. It evolved like this: Meeshka... Meeshka Moo, Meeshka Shmoomeema Moo, Shmoo. How she got to that, its a leap, but she claims that when I lay down, I look like a "shmoo".

Since most of you dear readers are not as ancient at the human woman, a Shmoo is a cartoon character created by Al Capp (go look it up, what do I look like, Wikipedia), that looks like this:
Although I agree with the statement on the cartoon, I don't particular think that a red/white fluffy husky even resembles this, but I will allow the human woman her delusions, as she does continue to feed me and tend to my needs. Once she stops doing that, she's on her own.

(don't call me Shmoo)


gina camilleri said...

hey meeshka
my mama remembers the shmoo. apparently it was some cartoon back in the 80's she says.

JustMeCopper said...

Thanks Meeshka. My Mom calls me Copper Bopper sometimes .. we have to humor them I guess and put up with embarrasing nicknames. I am glad your Mom has you to talk to about her problems. Do you charge for your time?

hershey the doglet said...

my mom and dad also call me hershel, hersh-man, or hersh. ugh. mom calls me baby alot though. i don't mind that. but hershel...yuck!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Meeshka

Humans get mad over the silliest things dont they