Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a quick blog

I'm taking a moment of time from chasing the gimpies around the house and beating them at queen of the bed to say that crickets although fun to chase... taste really bad.

The human woman also reported that the "tiger" was back waving at the Intersection of Doom, and nearly caused a three car pile up. I had asked her to keep carrying her camera to work so that she could get some snaps of the carnage should it happen while she's around. She's carrying it in her huge bag.

Today the human man came home at puppy duty time and stayed home with us. He layed in bed most of the day, so we had to jump on him, woo at him, paw at him, and generally want out every 5 minutes. We've learned that when humans come home at puppy duty and lay in the bed, that means they want us to do funny things and bug them. We really got a lot of attention this afternoon with him home.

We like how he flails at us and we play dodge the flailing arms, its very fun. The human woman spoiled it all by coming home at her normal time and she threw us outside where we couldn't bug him.

She's no fun

(going to bed now, I've had a rough day of bugging the human man)

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JustMeCopper said...

People don't really like to be by themselves in bed. They like our company.