Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just When You Thought...

I'm constantly amazed that the human woman makes it through each day in one piece. Today she came home and declared that she fell down the stairs at work. Yes, she literally fell down the stairs, landed in a heap, had one of her work bigwigs leaning over her saying "you ok?"

She says that she tripped, but we know the real story, since she's nearly "tripped" here going down the stairs. Its those went out of style last year semi-bell bottomy goofy pants and big clunky heeled herman munster boots she wears. Skittered down the work stairs, took a header, and now she's even more bruised than when I get done with her.

Ok, fine, she's self destructing, but this impedes her ability to chase us around the house and yard. I'm sure tomorrow she's going to want to sleep in, since she claims to be on "vacation", but we know she has to clean the house for Uncle Jack, so we'll be sure to wake her nice and early.

Ernesto is also suppose to arrive sometime Friday night. Nobody seems to know what Ernesto will be, other than a lot of wind and a lot of rain, which means a lot of riccocheting around the house for us and the bruised human woman.

Glen Ford doesn't count, in case you were all wondering. He's a pre-Uncle Jack bonus round.

Gonna go to bed early I heard, since the human woman is all creaky and cranky.

(I'll add a new bruise or two to the collection tomorrow to make her feel loved)


cyber-sibes said...

You certainly have your paws full taking care of that human woman, Meeshka. She's on vacation? You probably won't see her out of those blue sleepy pants till she heads back to work, or Uncle Jack arrives. Is Uncle Jack as much fun to play with as she is? Have fun bouncing around while Ernesto blows through, but keep all four paws planted firmly on the ground if a big gust whizzes by!

Tara Roswitha said...

Your human is just as klutzy as my human. When my human cooks she likes to slice pieces of her fingers off and then she likes to whine about the pain for a few days. What a klutz!