Monday, August 28, 2006

Next Time, Don't Swing Your Arm Into My Tooth

The human woman is bleeding. She swung her arm into my mouth and onto a tooth while she was playing "got your feet" with me. I've told her how dangerous it was to swing her arms around near my mouth during this game, but she never listens. Its only a flesh wound, but I'm sure she won't learn.

We've gotten some very interesting guesses on the celebrity Uncle Jack visit death pool. I'm very intrigued by the Marie Osmond guess. I think Castro is already dead, so I don't know if we should count that one or not, but we'll see. I'm guessing that Tom Cruise already sacrificed baby Suri to the thetons already, and career suicide doesn't count.

While the human woman was applying direct pressure to the bleeding wound, she showed me the projected path of Ernesto, and amazingly enough its scheduled to hit Merryland around the time that Uncle Jack's plane is suppose to arrive. What a shock!

We did manage to survive Tropical Storm Isabelle, which was quite crappy actually. More so for the humans, who had to stay up all night when the power went out to bail out the thing they call a sump hole. We had to wear our harnesses all night and not go in the car at all, just wear our harnesses. It was pretty peaceful once the power went out, but the humans were freaking every time something large smacked the house. They let us go out once or twice, but totally freaked, as the trees were bending over sideways. They wouldn't let us just run around, they had us on leashes, and frankly it was a bit hard to poo with trees blowing sideways and rain pouring down. On the good side, there were plenty of branches to chew on the next day.

Keep up the good guessing on the pool, and for all you dogs in Florida, batten down the hatches, and poo downwind.

(90mph wind really messes up my fluffiness)


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Buffet

Woofwoof said...

Chickens. They were endangered anyway.

turboyoshi said...

Elvis! I mean, that's my guess, I wasn't using it as a cuss word, though it could be.

Hmm, maybe Sir Paul's divorce will do him in. That'll be my second guess.

sean (well, Meeshka did say guesses)

Cubby said...

My other mom says Phyllis Diller.