Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stop and Smell the Weeds

What an absolutely BORING day!

There were no politicians waving at the Intersection of Doom, nothing exciting happened, just the normal, crate, kong, nap, lunch, crate, kong, nap, dinner routine.

Sigh. I decided to sniff this weed. That's all that's left of the nice grass that was growing, which proves to the humans (or should) that we are not the cause of the grass demise... they just suck at growing grass during a water restriction. hehe, that'll show em.

Sam and I chased the mutant pawed gimpy Loki around the yard and then he squeeked because he's a weenie and the human woman got mad at us for playing too rough with him. Well, we can't help it if he's always the prey! The prey must squeek before we let it up.

Even the news was boring today. An actor went into rehab... that's news? It would be easier to post which actors weren't in rehab, therapy, etc.

Some pipeline in Alaska has a hole in it, so humans won't be able to afford gas in their big cars. I'm not saying anything, but even if they do come out and say that the hole in the big pipe in Alaska looks supiciously like claw marks... I have an alibi. It has nothing to do with my push to ban cars and only allow humans to ride scooters.

Sorry to be so boring, but I had a boring day.



hershey the doglet said...

its ok meeshka, i had a boring day too. i just slept on the back of the sofa all day while mom worked on her art stuff she is selling. boooooring! she did walk in the living room every so often and give me kisses.

Dusty Doodles said...

We haveta ban scooters too, they can squish the doglets. Why can't hoomans use sled and us huskies?? I'd work for cookies -- or chicken.

JustMeCopper said...

I had a boring day too,except i did get to go on two very short, somewhat slow sniffy walks today. If we banned cars then my Mom would have to stay home with me, that would be good!

Why is there always a 'q' or a 'v' in this code we have to type in, can't they use other letters?

Charlie The Big Dog said...

I Think this comment is gonna be boring too:-)
Opy is working on a "Mutatoe" just like Loki's