Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's that Smell?

Meeshka glaring
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
The human woman threw us outside again. We heard the Dyson going, and then the sound of that steam cleaner thing... she's cleaning AGAIN.

Just when we get our nice doggie odor on things, she feels compelled to clean. It takes a lot of effort, and skill to put that fur down the way we do, and she had no regard for the arts.

Came back inside, and sure enough, not only did she steam clean the bedroom, but she even vacuumed and WASHED the dog beds. They just aren't the same now.

I don't use a dog bed. When I'm not laying on the human woman's head, I usually lay on the air vent and suck all the cool air from the room. Sometimes I lay on the dog bed by the human woman's side of the bed, but that's only to warm up a bit from the nice chilly air vent.

My routine is: Head, vent, head, vent, dog bed, head, vent. This explains my need to nap throughout that day, as my routine is very tiresome.

The human man seems to think that Loki gets up during the night and lands a round house kick to his mid-section. He swears it happens, and the human woman swears that he's just dreaming. hehe, I'm not telling.

I do sometimes find the remote control they leave on the bed and step on it so the VOLUME IS VERY LOUD! I also like to change the channels and watch good stuff while they sleep.

Its funny to watch the human woman sleep. She's crammed toward the middle of the bed, making sure even as she's sleeping, to leave me adequate room in case I want to jump up and take my spot.

They're so easy to train.

(hmmm, should I sit on her head first tonight, or just lay on the vent)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Oh wise Meeshka - how can I get me some bed action ? I had a bath on the weekend - and I was almost as fluffy as you...well, not quite - not even close actually - but a gal can dream :-) My humans had that damn Dyson going on the weekend too :-(


Zeus said...

I've noticed the same tendency with my human pet. Everytime I have rubbed my jowls on every single item in the house, she cleans it all up with Lysol, Febreeze, or some such nonsense. It's gets so annoying. Why won't they just let us claim them like we're supposed to do?!

Ender said...

I like to watch my mom and dad while they sleep! It's just so much fun to scare them...I stand (or sit sometimes)right over there faces, and stare at them, then when they wake up I lick them all over the face!