Friday, September 22, 2006

Escape Rules

Ok, everyhusky there needs to be some rules for escape that we all have to adhere to. Although escaping is fun, the funnest part is watching your human freak out, but we can’t let them freak out too much. That’s a bit inhumane.

Apparently Jovi and Adak had quite a fun adventure while they were gone. They still haven’t reported in their exact whereabouts or all of their adventures, but here’s what we can piece together.

We’re not quite sure yet on the full story, but it does appear that one was nabbed by someone, who was able to call the vet and report them. In that time, these humans weren’t too husky savvy, and allowed them to escape yet again. I don’t think they purposefully let them go, they probably thought like most dogs, they would just hang out until told to go someplace else, but that’s not the case with huskies. Tell a lab to sit, and they’ll sit there expecting goodies. Tell a husky to sit and they’ll give you the paw and take off.

Shortly after that near capture, they found a wonderful place that had really fun things to chase and eat. Apparently its called poultry, also known as chicken. Unlike other birds, chicken doesn’t fly away and laugh at you. Instead, it just runs around really fast and makes fun noises and they’re pretty easy to catch.

We’re not sure yet if there will be any repercussions to their fun. Apparently their human also raises these things called chickens, so we can only assume that their escape had something to do with being denied fun all of these years, and it was a way for them to call attention to the fact that their human won’t let them play with poultry.

We’re glad they’re back home now, and I’m sure after they rest up, they’ll be plotting their next move to cause more gray hair on their human’s head.



JustMeCopper said...

I would bark at a chicken but would not know I was supposed to catch it and eat it.

Woofwoof said...

There will be a movie coming out next summer: " The Most Excellent Adventures of Jovi and Adak" (co-starring the late Chiklets).

jan said...

Funny post. Who can blame a dog for seeking a little adventure in the world?

cyber-sibes said...

Congratulations Jovi and Adak, I'll bet chasing those chickens was FUN! We get raw chicken parts on occasion, but that's not nearly as much fun. A word of advice to the escapees - don't do that too often or your humans may decide you need to go live somewhere else. Perhaps your adventure will be their wake-up call. It takes a special human to earn the right to have a few of us in their lives!

The Army of Four said...

I'm so glad they're home. Being out on your own isn't all it's cracked up to be! Hey... is that really what chicken looks like on your side of the park? Over here, it's comes in celophane and is marked "boneless breast of chicken". That's all I've ever seen! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the birdie version!
Play bows, Zim