Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grubs for everyone!

The human woman finally got off her lazy butt and mowed our back yard. Just in the nick of time, as the grass was getting just long enough to tickle my delicate po-po when I did my business. She managed to save herself a clawing for mowing.

Now that the grass is low, its perfect for grub digging. In order to get close enough to the ground to sniff, the grass has to be low, and then it has to be nice and wet in order to dig properly. A small trench will do. Be very careful not to just throw the dirt willy nilly (like Sammy does) or else you may scoop out the precious grub, and then someone devious like me who is standing behind you will steal it and eat it.

Loki managed to get two tasty grubs out of one hole. Unfortunately he’s learning how to do it properly (he’s been learning too much from me) and ate them both.

Sammy gets all excited and just throws dirt everyone. Nine times out of ten he’ll toss the grub out with the dirt, so its just a matter of time and getting a little dirty before that grub comes flying out. Its also good form to just cram your whole face in the hole to make sure the grub is still in there, and that nobody else can steal it.

Speaking of grub, one of those rescue places is having a fundraiser on 8 October 2006. This rescue helps gimpy dogs find homes (and remember, I’m all about finding gimpy dogs new homes so they don’t end up here, I’ve got enough of my own), so if you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area around that time, go get some grubs... ok, human food. For more information or if you can’t make it and just want to donate some money to them, go on over here: Moe's Mission and tell them that Meeshka sent you.

(If they had BBQ Grubs, I’d go)


Turbo's Human said...

I wish I hadn't read this while eating shrimp fried rice!

Turbo the Sibe said...

Why? What's the problem? Humans! Go figure!

The Army of Four said...

Look out! Tubey's human's gonna horka! Ha roo roo roooo!
Play bows, Zim