Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Loki's Butt (and other fun things)

The suck up gimpy mutatoe (aka: Loki) has been obsessed with his butt recently. Ok, so we dogs can lick back there, but that's only because the humans won't allow us our own roll of toilet paper, so what other option do we have?

Loki has taken cleanliness to the extreme though, and the humans think he's got a butt issue that needs to be taken care of at the vet. I clearly heard the human woman making an appointment for him, which means he gets to go for a ride in the car, and he gets to go into the place where they torture you (hehe), but then he gets to ride home in the car, and perhaps the humans will feel sorry for him and take him to the Starbucks place, which would really make me mad. I am the fluffiest and cutest and therefore am the only one qualified to go to the Starbucks place.

Late last night as we were going out for our "pee-pee final" (human woman and those double words, remind me to claw her later), and there was something in our yard! We immediately went after it, sending the human woman scurrying for the flashlight and calling out the reinforcements, knowing that should we get ahold of this trespasser, it would be impossible to get it away from us before Sam swallowed it whole (whatever it was). Unfortunately for us, the interloper got away, it leapt over the fence before we could ravage it, but not before we all ran into the fence with a resounding thud that had the human woman convinced that we had knocked over the fence and were still racing after this thing through the neighborhood. The humans were all quite frantic when they came to get us. Wouldn't even let us sufficiently sniff the areas where the interloper was, herded us back into the house for our "safety". I didn't even have a chance to go pee!

To make up for the loss, I made the human woman get up at 4:30am to feed us, and let me go pee, since I had been holding it all night. The nerve of them.

(tasty used kleenex for breakfast today)

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Charlie The Big Dog said...


Dont talk to me about BUTT issue's.

I wouldnt wish that on ANY doggie!