Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ok, I Admit He's Pretty Devious

While I'm leery about giving the annoying mutatoe gimpy puppy, weinie girl Loki any credit, I do have to admit that his little ploy today was ingenious.

Sam was hogging the part of the couch. In case you missed that story, the humans dragged up only PART of the couch from downstairs, which looks totally ridiculous, but does give us a cushy piece of furniture to sleep on.

Loki wanted to sleep on the cushy couch, but Sam kept hogging it.

Loki started barking and batting Sam upside the head with his mutant paw, bat, bat, bat, bark, bark, bark, bounce, bounce, bounce... until Sam couldn't take it any longer (especially after Loki called him Bionic Hip Girlie), and jumped down to chase Loki... except Loki ran straight past him, threw himself on the cushy couch and fell fast asleep, leaving Sam confused and angry.

It was fun to watch from the coolness of my personal vent (that's my fluff behind Loki).

(try that on me and I'll pile drive your puppy head into the floor)


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Sounds like all is getting back to normal:-)

The Army of Four said...

Pretty clever of Loki!
Hey, thank roo for putting up our link! We're going to try to add yours........... still figuring out how to do stuff!
Tail wags,

Cubby said...

Go Loki! Ha!