Saturday, September 23, 2006

That Little Suck Up

Score another one for the gimpy, mutant suck-up. Loki got to ride in the truck and go to the vet again today. Apparently the antibiotics didn't take care of his butt issues, so now they have to take him back again Wednesday, where he gets to have his anal glands washed out, and packed with antibiotic creams. He gets to have all of the fun.

Since he won't be able to eat after 8pm the night before, this means that we'll get no bedtime treats and no breakfast, just because of him. The humans have some stupid rule that says if we all can't eat or have treats, then none of us can eat or have treats. Sam and I will just have to live off of a kong treat when we get locked up and Loki goes for his little vacation at the vet office.

The humans are worried about him, and that makes them grumpy. I've tried to be cute and fluffy and take their attention off of him, but for some reason my ear piercing random shriek and clawing just isn't having the effect I expected. They're a hard crowd to cheer up these two. Maybe I'll break out into a skin rash, just to take their minds off of him. I'd like a little sympathy and caring, and a few trips to the vet.

Its also that stupid time where it gets cold at night, but they won't let us sleep in the cold outdoors, no. They want us to sleep in the house, which gets hot because they turn off the air conditioning at night. I'm ready for winter, if only to have those blessed hours laying in the snow... IF we have snow here this year. The snow has been very little around here, and I'm trying to convince them (by leaving the computer on random web sites that feature places that have a lot of snow) to move to a nicer state. I think its working, as I've heard the humans talking about how nice it would be to move out West. I'm fine with that, as long as "west" means snow.



Dusty Doodles said...

Sorry to hear about Loki's butt. Can your doctor make him have a bionic butt?? Don't move out west -- there is no snow here. But if you like MUD, we have lots of that!!

The Army of Four said...

Please give our VERY best wishes to Loki! Let him know that we'll all be thinking good thoughts and praying for him, OK?
Keep trying to cheer up the bipeds - I'm sure they really do appreciate it!
Also... my mom thinks we're going to have a lot of SNOW on our side of the park this year. I can predict 24, maybe 48 hours out, but no earlier. I DO have an extra-fluffy coat, though, if you want to draw any conclusions from that.
Love from all of us, Amber

Macie-Malechai said...

Ewww, poor Loki, we don't think getting your butt packed sounds fun at all! We sure hope he will be allright. Our lady said the last couple of years we haven't had much snow here either, but that it's been plenty cold. She tries to make us sleep inside at night, that works till about 3, then we demand to be let out with our loudest of woos!

cyber-sibes said...

*Cringes* Poor Loki, doesn't sound like much fun to me. Maybe because I HATE my tail & butt messed with. But that is too bad about the starvation tactics.
We're a little more North than you. We usually get a fair amount of snow, but not as much as waaay up north where our sledding friends live. Good luck, I hear it's in the 90's out west in Arizona today.

JustMeCopper said...

Golly, Loki's problems sound way worse than itching! Be nice to him Meeshka.

Woofwoof said...

Great idea to go West, Meeshka. But make sure the people take out a map and really understand where they are going. The dummies I live with think that "East" is on the other side of those hills. Enough to make me want to escape.

Hope the suck-up gets better soon. It's tough to do the husky butt-sniffing hello when his butt is in that condition.

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

We have gotten our first snow of the year in Northern NM. Unusual, especially since the ski resorts barely opened last year at all. I'm not one for snow much. I do usually sleep outside most nights of the year. When my parents make me sleep indoors, I usually wake them up and 3am to let me out.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Loki,
Get well soon ok.

~ fufu

hollybollyboo said...

The furry 5 of us in Omaha are trying to get moved up to Northern Minnesota cuz we want some of that snow stuff too. Hopefully mom and dad will be doing just that in the next couple of years! Whoo hoo!
Holly, Samuel, Abby, Kona and Monty.

JustMeCopper said...

Geepers, I've never seen snow .. but I don't think I would like it!