Friday, September 29, 2006

There's Not Enough Hours In The Day

Hey everyhusky,

eesh, what a busy last few days. I really apologize for the lack of posts these days, but I had a whole day of torture to make up since the gimpy yappy puppy wasn’t available to abuse all day Wednesday.

Thursday was quite busy for me, since there was gimpy abuse, then it was nice and cool out, so I had grub digging to attend to, which really wears you out, by the way. The human woman stayed home, so I also had to make sure that she was sufficiently clawed throughout the day. After that whole breakfast fiasco, I made dang sure she was up at the crack of dawn and mixing my food on time. Then at noon I had to claw her out of the chair for my lunch, and she had the GALL to leave us crated during a horrible storm and was late with our dinner. I’m really not impressed with her lately.

Apparently some tornado thing “touched down” close to the house. Here we are, stuck in the house while she and the human man were driving around somewhere. They really have no respect or love for us, or else they would have taken us in the truck and I would have been able to claw her while they drove each time it thundered. Ok, the tornado thing was actually miles off, but I’m looking for sympathy here!

Today was the usual, making sure she got up and fed me, digging for more grubs (we’ve torn up most of the yard, but still keep finding them), and napping. Once again, late with dinner, and they didn’t offer us any of the tasty chili they made for themselves.

Just in case you’re wondering, and I probably didn’t make it too clear, but the gimpy suck up is fine. He’s actually stopped that disgusting licking in that back area, and he’s back to being his cute, not fluffy, bouncy, yappy, suck up all the love self. He did get his mutant paw nails clipped while he was at the vet. I, for one, am very thankful, as those twisted oogie nails really hurt when he hits you just right.

At least the weekend is finally here, so the humans can spend their time and undivided attention to me. I think they need to do that to make up for the lousy treatment I’ve had all week.

(I’m ready for my close-up now)

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Tara Roswitha said...

Digging for grubs sounds like fun! I don't think we have any grubs here or else I would have found them when I was digging for something else. Wasps really annoy me so I crunch them up and leave their carcasses on the kitchen floor for the human to find. It's cool when she sweeps because I can see all of my hard work in one little pile!